10,000 Yuan Why Choose To Buy This Watch?

In this price range, I really don’t want to recommend to you those watches that have gradually become ‘popular’. The watch is a good watch, but when there are more people wearing it, it lacks a unique sense. Although some people will vomit: ‘only a few bucks, what bikes are needed’, but I still do not want to follow the flow …

  Buying a watch is not the same as buying a car. As for the purchase of a car, as long as the budget is set, there is a lot of options, such as Hyundai, FAW-Volkswagen to Audi, etc. Each brand has a price distinction from ‘People’s Volkswagen’ to ‘Prestige Enjoyment’, which is everything, different Brands, different brands of the same price, are intertwined with each other and can be selected at will.

  But for buying a watch, where is the level of a watchmaking brand? Then, correspondingly, its price has a clear range of positioning. You ca n’t ask people to buy a watch with a brand of thousands of dollars. This is also unrealistic. With that said, the problem is here. The 10,000-level selectable brand has repeatedly been viewed. Everyone recognizes those Swiss brands. If you want to choose a unique watch, which brand should you choose? How about it?
Characteristic and fair price
  In fact, it is not difficult to choose such a watch. After all, there are still many niche, characteristic models and high cost performance in the world. So here again, the question is again, what is the source of these watches? Congratulations, you got it right: shopping and online shopping have everything, but where do you know the after-sales protection of these watches? I don’t know anyway.

UNION store in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store

 At this time, you can understand that the after-sales problem is really important. Is there such a brand that has convenient domestic after-sales channels, but also takes into account the characteristics?
  UNION from German Orthodox: with a distinctive and simple appearance and carefully manufactured, with ‘to create a timepiece with unique personality, accurate and reliable and affordable price’ as the core of watchmaking Although it has just entered China, the brand itself has gained international fame. In addition, counters have been set up in various cities in China, so there is no need to worry about after-sales service.
  So after worrying about those practical issues, let’s take a look at the history and culture of this brand: A brand of 126 years of pure German origin , after years of fermentation, has been perfectly presented to the world, in In the bezel, a history that can stand up to is very important. Even if you are new to China, the experience passed down over a century is enough to support the world. It can be said that the background is very strong.

  Made in Germany is the most important reason for choosing this watch. When we refer to German watches, the estimated brands are those brands, but in terms of price, we have some problems and annoyances. The UNION watches range from 1,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan. In the local town of Glashütte, the scale is still very large. Therefore, if you want to choose a watch with reasonable features and reasonable price, this orthodox German-made is still worth a look.
Watch real shot chart display:

United watch (UNION0) 1893 series small seconds D010.428.16.017.00 watch

  This watch is from the UNION0 1893 series, which is composed of the classic watches of the brand, in order to commemorate the brand’s founding year and thereby reproduce the brand’s unique historical elements.

Stainless steel 316L case


White lacquered dial

  Based on this idea, the case shape of the ‘1893’ series is inspired by the long-established pocket watch, and the German minimalist design on the dial is outstanding. Many other superb details, such as the dial with white lacquer enamel coating, exquisite double-layer structure, blue steel hands, the added depth of the small second dial and the 6 o’clock position calendar window, the ‘orbital’ scale circle, curved Arabic numerals and blue-steel hands are reminiscent of ancient watchmaking traditions.

Black Crocodile Leather Strap

 This watch has a diameter of 41 mm and is designed to fit the wrist of the general public. There is also a female model with a size of 34 mm, which is standard for couples of gentlemen and ladies. It is also your best gift.

United Watch (UNION0) 1893 series small seconds watch

UNION movement

 Speaking of the movement, this watch uses the U 2899-ZZ6 automatic mechanical movement, carefully polished by the brand. When it comes to German watches, there are a lot of niche German brands that like to use Nissan movements or domestic movements. Although the price may be almost the same, it is not as affordable as this watch in terms of cost-effectiveness. In addition, UNION is affiliated with the Swatch Group and has sufficient movement supply. Relative to this price (watch price: RMB 13,900), it is already very cost-effective.

Official flagship store of UNION

 Finally, one more practical question. If you are a table friend who just started, you may wish to try this at this price; if you are a senior table friend, you already have a lot of ‘Made in Switzerland’. Here is a timepiece that is not in use. Feel the unique experience that you can get around 10,000 yuan. Interested friends pay more attention to it!