Watch House Forum Tablemates Meet In Beijing Station Successfully Concluded

On July 30, 2014, the theme forum event of Watch House [Beijing Club Friends · Beijing Station] was successfully held in Beijing Wangfujing Commercial Circle. After work that day, we hurried to our destination. This event is completely supported by the Watch House. It is intended to invite everyone to eat and eat together, talk about watches, and have a complete zero-distance contact with everyone.
  This event has a large number of registrations. We have selected 10 cousins ​​to participate in this offline gathering. Don’t be discouraged by those who haven’t participated in the success, we still have the next stop. Here is a little publicity. If you have a better idea about the content of the next stop, you can tell us. Specific address:


  Netizens rushed in from all directions, it was really hard, so we can’t wait for it. At 7 o’clock on Wednesday, we met at the dinner place on time. There were a lot of senior watch fans at the scene, and the moderator Lao Nian also came to the scene. Of course, there is the editor of our watch house. At the party, you and I were separated.


   With the netizens coming to the scene one after another, we also arrived at the dinner time, cousins, one after another, I had to stay and watch the baby.
During the party, the cousins ​​who met late and hate naturally became more and more familiar. There were a lot of topics during the meeting. From Tiannan Haibei to ancient and modern watches, everyone talked openly, not only talking about the development of national watches, everyone proposed their own Insights, and watch friends’ choice of watches has also received the advice and help of many senior watch fans.

   Food at the party:

  At the beginning of the event, when we got to know each other, everyone took a group photo to take a commemorative photo. The forum forum friends who were present included Xiao S classmates, old noodles, one ear of Beijing, and several senior cousins ​​from Weibo. We have recruited the country’s smallest cousin Andy, a kid who loves to mess with the camera, and a senior cousin who can distinguish all the brands present.

   Next, I would like to introduce the good friends who are present:

  First from my left hand, senior cousin Xiao S and his baby son.

  Next is the long-awaited watch home forum watch knowledge section moderator Lao Nian teacher-a teacher who takes good care of children. Lao Nian teacher himself likes children very much. Here is a quote from Lao Nian teacher ‘The most beautiful The picture is the child’s eyes, and the sound of nature sounds like a child’s voice. I would like to be with the children forever, giving them knowledge and purifying my heart. ‘

  New and active netizens in the forum-one ear in Beijing.

   The man in black in the second position on the right is senior cousin Pang, a senior cousin who is full of watch knowledge.

   Next, the deep male paper is also a senior cousin-Brother Wang (first left from above).

  The last two are cousin Mr. Sun (middle) and his friends.

   Towards the end of the event, everyone left contact information to meet each other next time-to continue to write the story of the watch family meeting of watch friends.

   Finally, we took a photo of the watch. For details, please click the link: 259 / 159272.html

Art Poet On The Wrist And Jacques De Lore Together To Appreciate The Stars

If you ask me which brand is deeply integrated into my bones, then the first thing that comes to my mind is Jacques Dro. This is a low-key aristocracy, from the brand’s creation to the collapse of the feudal system of the great monarch. The brand was appreciated by the royal families of many countries and, through the trade channel, became associated with China during the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. The one with the deepest roots in China. Jacques de Ronaldo and many other watch brands have different ideas. It is one of the few super-complex watches that is stunning. Another major feature of the brand is the use of special materials and traditional and complex craftsmanship to present outstanding creativity. The dial theme is, to me, a poet. Jacques de J012633202 watch is just like one of the humble gentlemen. He is not sculpted, but personable. Most importantly, his humorous moon face makes people feel interesting and easy-going.

    There are many watches with moon phases, and there are many forms of moon phase display with extraordinary creativity. However, it is not many that make the moon phase display humorous like Jacques Droe. In China, scholars and writers like to be sentimental in mountains and rivers, and reflect on the sun and the moon. Jacques Dro watch also has the impression that it is beyond the natural laws of the moon phase, and presents its own emotional expression.
The full moon is missing


    Alone in a different country is a different guest, every time the holiday season, think twice. Maybe the moonlight at night will produce different feelings in the eyes of different people, and on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, how many people carry the same feelings of nostalgia. In a wonderful way, Jacques Dro has given the original calm universe stars a romantic feeling, and this is the perfect portrayal of Jacques Dro’s artistic tone.

Moon phases of Jacques Dro

    Of course, anything that wants to resonate with people must have its extraordinary ingenuity. This moonphase watch by Jacques Dro is based on its famous black ‘Grand Feu’ large fire enamel dial, with the central moon face as the axis, and 8 stars are arranged symmetrically on both sides (people who know Jacques Dro also You must know Jacques Dro’s love for the number 8). These stars and the golden moon face in the center are processed by the master Jaquet Droz, and are set on the dial. The bezel above the moon face has a retrograde design. When turned to the side, it will automatically return, and the moon face will replay the hide and seek game with you.


    In addition, the watch has the date, day of the week and month indications, and the meandering calendar pointer in the center uses a crescent design, which is unique. There is no doubt that it is this unique hand and its own moon phase display that give the watch a charming charm and a completely different human emotion.
Luxury and elegance

18K Rose Gold Case

    Jacques de Ross watch is made of 18K rose gold, the surface is polished, the texture is delicate, the color is warm, gorgeous and delicate. The crown of the watch bears two stars in mind, a favorite symbol of the founder of the brand.

Concealed adjustment button


    On both sides of the case, in order to preserve the aesthetics of the watch, all the function adjustment buttons use a hidden design, which can be easily adjusted with just one adjustment needle. Obviously, this is an elegant ‘poet in Chinese clothes ‘.

18K pin buckle

Alligator Alligator Strap

    Paired with a rose gold case, the watch is made from precious crocodile leather. What is impressive is that Jacques Dero’s crocodile leather straps are generally hand-rolled, and the sides of the straps are completely free of sewing and adhesion marks on traditional crocodile leather straps. Its practical benefit is to avoid cracks on the side of the strap, and the deeper meaning lies in the higher grade of the strap. The strap is equipped with a 18K rose gold pin buckle, which is simple in structure but safe and secure.
Time flows, mechanical aesthetics

Back-through design

    The watch’s hands are slowly turning, announcing the flow of time, and behind this is a miniature mechanical ‘engine’ that never stops operating. Jacques de L’ECLIPSE EMAIL NOIR watch has a built-in 6553L2 self-winding movement, a dual barrel provides 68 hours of power reserve, and the full chain can take the watch almost 3 days. Through this ‘engine’, the watch’s precise and graceful window jumping characters, hand rotation, moon phase retrograde and other functions are realized.

Self-winding movement

    Through the transparent case back, we can see the exquisite structure of the movement, the fine texture, the curved lines on the edges of the splint flowing under different light, and the 22K gold automatic oscillating weight can rotate freely. There is a poetry and self-confidence in China, and I think the same applies to the description of the Jacques DeRomantic ‘poet’.

Summary: In 2013, I first noticed Jacques Dro, which was at the Jacques Dro store on Beijing Financial Street (which is no longer available today). It was a Jacques Dro exhibition at the time, but unfortunately I did not see the bird of time. Accidentally harvested Jacques Delo, a literary poet. Jacques Dro Art Workshop brought me a lot of surprises. Even the functional-oriented watches have a new interpretation under Jacques Dro’s interpretation. If the first essence of a watch is precision, then the charm of Jacques Dro is to elevate accurate time to a quality of life and let us see the emotional expression of time.

Champion Happy Sport 20th Anniversary Watch Show Bao Hongtang Debut

Chopard Happy Sport 20th Anniversary Watch Show
Special invitation to new generation movie star Xie Xinying
Showcase the latest Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch

 Chopard, Switzerland’s top watch and jewellery brand, will host the ‘Happy Sport 20th Anniversary Watch Exhibition’ at the founding store of Taipei Baohongtang from December 13 to December 22, 2013, so that more consumers can fully appreciate the classic Chopard The lively design of the Happy Sport watch. Before the show, Chopard held a press conference at the founding shop of Baohongtang on December 11. It also invited a new generation of actor Xie Xinying to show the Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Happy Sport. Sport pushed another successful milestone.

 Chopard will host the ‘Happy Sport 20th Anniversary Watch Exhibition’ from December 13th to December 22nd, 2013 at the founding shop of Taipei Baohongtang. The picture shows the Chopard Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch (model: 274808-5003), priced at NT $ 810,000.

Movie star Xie Xinying incarnates pink elf and sliding diamonds

 Since the twentieth anniversary of the birth of the Happy Sport watch, with continuous rich creativity and exquisite craftsmanship, the sliding diamond has been spinning and jumping like a ballet dancer, sometimes transformed into snowflakes, fishes, palm trees … different fun of sliding, Become Chopard’s famous classic watch style. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, the mechanical watch Happy Sport Automatice with a self-winding movement is specially introduced, giving the watch a new inner meaning.

 Xing Xinying, a new-generation film star who is currently filming Hou Xiaoxian’s new film ‘Nie Yinniang’, has won the Golden Horse for Best Supporting Actress Award. Come to appreciate it on December 11th. The founding shop of Baohongtang showcased the happy atmosphere of Happy Sport’s 20th anniversary in pink, which is the favorite of women, and Xie Xinying also appeared in a pink dress. Xie Xinying, who has a variety of ways, is like the Happy Sport watch with variable appearance and her acting skills are well-recognized. She is more like the new Happy Sport Automatice mechanical watch with a strong inner strength, so she immediately caught her heart when she saw the watch.

Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch is Happy Sport’s first automatic movement watch

 The new Chopard Happy Sport Automatice mechanical watch reinvents the classic, giving the watch a new inner meaning. In addition to faithfully presenting the elegant and delicate appearance of the original series, the new Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch also shows a modern and modern texture. Chopard’s classic 7 happy sliding diamonds rotate on the specially decorated silver dial, adding avant-garde and stylish atmosphere to the traditional classic design. The back of the watch is replaced by an anti-glare sapphire crystal back case, which allows you to appreciate the beauty of the automatic mechanical movement decorated with Geneva ripples. There are three styles of stainless steel, 18K white gold and 18K rose gold. They are water-resistant to 30 meters and are designed with colorful crocodile leather straps or chain straps.

 The Baohongtang founding shop displays the Happy Sport watches of the classic style of Happy Sport over the years, with round, square or oval cases. The 42mm diameter sporty white bezel and rubber strap models allow different styles and generations. Women can find their own Happy Sport watches.

     Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch (model: 278559-3002), priced at NT $ 305,000.

 Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch (model: 278559-3001), priced at NT $ 261,000.

 Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch (model: 274808-5003), priced at NT $ 810,000.

 Chopard For You High Jewelry Earrings, priced at NT $ 1,623,000.

With A Watch For Some Time Mido Commander Series Watches Recommended

From September to September, we are bidding farewell to the summer heat, and we will welcome the cold winter in autumn and winter. In this season change, we can just enjoy the beauty of this season. Pleasant temperature, pleasant scenery, self-contained romantic watch, and relaxed mood.

Swiss Mido COMMANDER Commander Series Silicon Hairspring Long Kinetic Observatory Certified Men’s Watch


Product model: M031.631.11.031.00
Domestic public price: 9600
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80 Si Observatory certified fully automatic mechanical movement
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details:
Product model: M031.631.11.061.00
Domestic public price: 9600
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80 Si Observatory certified fully automatic mechanical movement
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details:

Product model: M021.431.11.041.00
Domestic public price: 9600
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80 Observatory certified fully automatic movement
Water resistance: 50 meters
Case material: Stainless steel
Watch details: 80 fully automatic mechanical movement, but it is not equipped with a silicon spring; third, you will find that the previous model has a diameter of 40 mm, and the new model actually increases the size. However, different designs naturally have different meanings. The previous styles are more friendly to men with small wrists, and the regular bracelets are naturally easier to match and manage.
Summary: The beautiful season is a gift of nature. Choose a delicate watch, embark on a journey of searching, find the traces of the seasons, feel the temperature of time, the Mido new commander series silicon spring long kinetic energy observatory Certified watch, stable and accurate performance, just like your meticulous attitude to life.

Sometimes Tasting Jaeger-lecoultre Geophysical Observatory World Time Watch

World Time watches have always been counted as a complex watch, between a simple three-handed and a large complex watch. Although the world time watch is not a big complicated watch, it is one of the most practical watch functions. It displays the time in various time zones. This is very useful for business professionals. Today’s watch home is To bring you a tasting of Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory World Time Watch, the official model of the watch is: Q8108420.

Complex function illustration

   This Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Observatory World Time watch is the latest watch launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre at the 2015 Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. It has attracted much attention since its launch. In addition to the stainless steel version introduced today, it also has 18K Available in rose gold.

Geophysical Observatory watch series with classic hands and linear hour markers

   The Geophysical Observatory watch series uses classic hands and linear time scales to interpret modern aesthetics while also inheriting the brand’s historical characteristics. The case reproduces Jaeger-LeCoultre’s fine watchmaking style and highlights the individuality of the watch. This watch is designed with a diameter of 41.6 mm and is made of a stainless steel case.

Polished sides of the lugs highlight the smooth contours

   The sides of the lugs are polished to accentuate the smooth contours. The bezel and the details of the case and lugs are cleverly superimposed, which also makes the overall aesthetic of the watch smoother and more gorgeous. Like the prototype model introduced in 1958, the Geophysic® series of geophysical observatories has a screw-in caseback, which enhances the waterproof performance. This design is designed for diving watches. The overall lines are smoother and outline the perfect overall appearance.

The watch comes with a black leather strap

   The watch is paired with a black leather strap. The buckle is made of stainless steel with a folding buckle design. The buckle is engraved with the Jaeger-LeCoultre classic logo, which is easy to wear.

Watch lugs are polished

   The lugs of the watch are polished, and the case is brushed. The perfect connection between the case and the lugs is also one of the embodiment of Jaeger-LeCoultre technology. This watch has a thickness of 11.4 millimeters and is moderate in thickness. There is a certain sense of weight.

World Time Disk

   The world time dial is seemingly complicated. If you look closely, you will find the mystery. We should know that some time zones use standard time and some time zones use daylight saving time. This Jaeger-LeCoultre watch will continue to use daylight saving time. The time zone of the time is specially marked with ‘*’ so that people can see it at a glance.

This watch is equipped with a cal.772 self-winding movement produced by Jaeger-LeCoultre.

   This watch is equipped with a cal.772 self-winding movement produced by Jaeger-LeCoultre, with a total of 271 precision parts, a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and a full power reserve of 40 hours.

Summary: The characteristics of this watch are not only its exquisite world time design, but also the watch’s jumping seconds design. This series of Jaeger-LeCoultre watches are equipped with a ‘jump second’ function. The second hand is on the dial. Beating rhythmically, witnessing the passing of every second. For mechanical movements, this is by no means ordinary. This function requires extremely complex structural support, while not hindering smooth operation.

Swatch Reveals That Its International Can Support The Creative Contest Champion

Every summer, the ITS International Talent Support Creative Contest, hosted by the legendary godmother Barbara Franchin in the fashion industry, will debut in an Italian town on the Adriatic coast. From July 11th to 12th, in Trieste, Italy, the 2015 international talent support ITS competition was in full swing. 10 ITS ‘Art Works’ finalists from 8 countries showed them in front of Swatch’s strong jury. Swatch is an inspired art creation. After a wonderful fashion show, the winners of each competition category (fashion, jewelry, accessories, art works, etc.) were announced one by one at the ITS contest site.
   The ITS international talents support creative contest has always been the best platform for the new generation of creative design talents to show their talents. Entering the 14th year, the ITS creative contest has begun to explore the ‘future’ in this competition. Young designers from the world’s top fashion, accessories and jewelry design colleges bring their limitless creativity to the Italian town of Trieste to compete in one or more awards. Since 2014, Swatch and ITS have jointly established the ITS Art Awards, and will continue to expand cooperation in this year’s competition. Swatch creative director Carlo Giordanetti said, ‘We look forward to discovering young talents who are expected to be the stars of the future. We believe that they are connected to the future, and we hope that they can pass the wonderful, future-driven and eye-opening beauty Ideas to show us their perspectives and aspirations: this is what the 2015 ITS Art Design Awards mean. ‘
2015 ITS Art Works Design Award

    Hiroki Kataoka from Japan successfully won the 2015 ITS Art Design Award. Carlo, the global creative director of Swatch, shared the evaluation of the jury: ‘The judges believe that there is a very important element in Hiroki’s work that he uses. Interesting material. The entire work is both deep and dynamic in a light and Swatch style. We all think he is very promising, which is why we choose to continue to support him in the coming year. ‘Hiroki Kataoka will receive Large cash prizes and opportunities to showcase new works at the next ITS. The award is based on a collaboration with Swatch and is designed for pure artistic talent.
Swatch Awards

    At the contest site, Shay Tako from Israel won the Swatch Awards with the unanimous favor of the Swatch judges. This award is Swatch’s commitment to supporting the new generation of creative design talents. In addition to receiving a six-month paid internship at the Swatch Creative Lab in Zurich, Switzerland, there are also cash awards. Carlo, global creative director of Swatch, commented on Shay Tako: ‘Shay’s work is full of amazing interaction, fun and curiosity, and he also actively expressed the importance of establishing different communities in the future.’
Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center Award

   As the finalists’ participation level was beyond imagination and excellence, the Swatch judging team temporarily decided to add a third award at the award site: ‘Swatch Peace Art Center Award’. The winner is Alexis Gautier from France. The winners can not only participate in the 6-month residence project at the Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center in Shanghai, but also have the opportunity to further cooperate with the studio of Chinese designer Uma Wang.
Swatch ITS Jury

    The jury of this Swatch competition unit is very strong, composed of many famous people in different fields, including music, art and fashion. Each judge will select the winner after a difficult selection based on their unique perspectives and perspectives. Members of the jury include: Chinese international fashion designer Uma Wang, Dutch artist Sigrid Calon, French curator Olivier Borgeaud, Swiss fashion blogger Sabrina Pesenti, Italian editor of Flash Art Magazine GeaPoliti, Swiss International Broadcast Festival Festival Director Darryl Von Däniken, Carlo Giordanetti, Global Creative Director, Swatch.

Nadal’s New Partner, Richard Mille Rm27-03 Tourbillon Watch

Richard Mille × Rafael Nadal
Since 2010, Richard Mille and Rafael Nadal have teamed up to create an exceptional watch, writing a new chapter in the history of watchmaking, and this latest series of works RM27-03 tourbillon Watch is a refreshing masterpiece. In terms of impact resistance, its tourbillon movement raises technical performance to an unprecedented level.

See the charm of the red-yellow tone TPT quartz fiber case and the 10,000G impact-resistant tourbillon

By design, this watch shows the king of the Spanish tennis champion. Obviously, the French Open is the best time to release this new watch. The clay court has always been Rafael Nadal’s favorite. He put his advantages to the fullest and won the French Open champion 9 times. The soft and fragile clay court needs to fully demonstrate the offensive style of play on the premise of observing the basic discipline principles of the game.

New watch replaces RM27-02 tourbillon watch and becomes Nadal’s new partner

In the same way, this new watch perfectly blends innovations in materials with the structure of horology. The clay court is famous for its expansion effect. The same applies to RM 27-03, its eye-catching red-yellow-toned TPT® quartz case, symbolizing the country of Rafa, Spain. Through a Swiss proprietary process, a thin layer of silica with a thickness of only 45 microns is immersed in a colored resin, and the filaments are woven into a thin layer, and then heated to 120 ° C to show bright colors. During the development of new colors of TPT® quartz material, whether it is the color stability required by the REACH standard, or biocompatibility and durability, it shows the superb skills of Richard Mille and North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT®) engineers . After the composite material is prepared, it will take a long time for milling and surface treatment to obtain the watch case and various parts.

The RM27-03 Tourbillon watch with a red and yellow tone TPT quartz case is eye-catching

The quartz fiber material of the case can guarantee a waterproof performance of 50 meters in depth, has excellent strength / weight ratio, has no sensitization, and has good UV resistance. However, what makes this extraordinary watch unique is the tourbillon movement that can withstand up to 10,000G impact. In the ‘pendulum impact test’, the linear acceleration generated by the wearer’s sudden movement or impact force is simulated. It is this kind of long research and development and heavy testing that has improved its performance to a new level. The ultra-light tourbillon movement is mounted on a hollow integrated TPT® carbon fiber base plate with micron-level accuracy, making this watch almost indestructible, while simplifying the parts in the structure and making it lighter. A quick-winding barrel provides long-lasting power for up to 70 hours of operation.

RichardMille Tourbillon RM27-03

The perfect surface treatment of the RM27-03 movement, hand-polished progressive chamfering, elegant forged surface, flashes the brightness of micro-grinding technology. RM27-03 has a memorable performance: the recognizable and stylish hollow bridge plate surrounds the barrel, the lines are sharp and smooth, with high-quality gears and a mechanical tourbillon with a frequency of 3 Hz, outline the visual Bull image ahead. The bull is a symbol of Spain and a symbol of Nadal’s selection. As a fun compliment, the TPT® Quartz Torque Limiting Crown used for winding and manual setting is tennis-shaped. Energetic and sporty, this watch is limited to 50 hairstyles and will become Rafa’s new partner in the future.

Active ‘strongest’ Omega

It is not too late to get to the topic. Omega brothers have bought more and played more. The Euro I want to talk about today is a special watch. This watch is currently one of the most powerful omegas on the market, with high configuration and of course ‘expensive’.
   The reason why I say it is ‘the strongest active duty’ Omega, because the strongest watch of all Omega watches must be the most expensive Omega Tourbillon 30I sold in history last year (the transaction price was 1.42 million Swiss francs, about RMB 9.55 million). ). What I want to say below is one of the most powerful and powerful Omegas currently on sale, the Omega Seahorse Marine Universe GMT ‘Dark Ocean Black’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Dark Ocean Black’).

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe ‘Deep Ocean Black’ series.
The word formidable is bound to be reflected in price.

   Let’s talk about the price this time. The reason why I wanted to say this watch was that after Omega released the ‘Dark Sea Black’, I was shocked when I saw the watch’s fair price. Omega’s ‘Dark Ocean Black’ (including ‘Deep Ocean Blue’ is a blue ceramic shell with a different color version) has a public price of 84,000. Brothers who are familiar with the watch market, I think everyone knows instantly what this price represents. The Rolex Nigga’s public price is 65900; Blancpain steel case 50 噚 Bathysacaphe is 79500; Blancpain titanium case 50 噚 Bathysacaphe is 87500 (ceramic case is 98000). Obviously, the public price of Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ is already a level of Blancpain 50 噚 Bathysacaphe, surpassing the steel case 50 噚 Bathysacaphe.

The three most famous luxury diving watches in the world, from top to bottom, are the Omega Seahorse, Rolex Submariner and Blancpain 50 噚.

   Omega Seahorse, Rolex Water Ghost, Blancpain 50 噚, the world’s three most famous luxury diving watches. As we all know, among these three watches, Omega and Rolex are positioned, and Blancpain’s brand positioning is higher than Rolex and Omega. Therefore, Blancpain 50 噚 is the most expensive, which is reasonable. Now, the price of Omega’s hippocampus ‘Deep Ocean Black’ has reached Blancpain’s level, what is the situation?
The situation is that the configuration of this Omega watch is really high.
   Diving watches are more fun, because a ‘tool table’ like a diving watch can be configured ‘patch and fight’. Omega’s ‘Dark Sea Black’ has such a high public price, and there are high reasons for it. So let’s take a look at the configuration of this table.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe ‘Deep Ocean Black’ black version.

Omega Seahorse Ocean Universe ‘Deep Ocean Black’ Blue Version.
   A large part of the value of a watch is mainly on the case. For example, the Lange 1 of the Lange 40.9 mm is actually not as advanced as the Lange 1 of 38.5. The public price of the large Lange 1 is almost 50,000 more expensive than the Lange 1 of 38.5. To put it bluntly, the shell is large, with more materials and more gold, so it is expensive. Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ is the first expensive on the case. The ‘Dark Ocean Black’ watch, with a size of 45.5 millimeters, is very large. The average ocean universe is 43.5. The huge case is a one-piece ceramic case. Today’s sports watches, as long as they use a ceramic case, the value goes up.

Omega ‘Dark Ocean Black’ red and blue colors.

   The ceramic case is very common now, and the most powerful of Omega’s ‘Dark Ocean Black’ is actually its bezel. Nowadays, high-end luxury diving watches use ceramic rings, water ghosts, hippocampus, 50 噚, many models are ceramic rings. But there is a difference between ceramic rings. The Omega ‘dark sea black’ ceramic ring, the upper scale number is liquid metal, the color scale 15 minutes before the bezel is injected rubber coloring. Many brothers know that Blancpain and Omega belong to one group and one family, so many technologies are universal. Let’s compare and see that the bezel of 50 噚 Bathysacaphe is also ceramic and liquid metal, which is the same as Omega’s ‘Dark Sea Black’, but Omega has more colors of injected rubber, and the bezel is more complicated. I look at the analysis of foreign players and say, why does Omega use this technology? It is believed that the technology of injecting rubber is brighter and more prominent than other methods.

Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ black version.
   Omega’s ‘deep sea black’ ceramic shell and ceramic ring, there is a more powerful place. There are a lot of ceramic watches now. The average ceramic watch is made with a strong plastic case. Omega’s ceramic shell is polished and brushed to make the metal texture of the ceramic shell very strong. The matte black ceramic shell looks like the metal shell is plated black. The texture of the watch is good and the sense of quality is strong. In addition, the Omega ‘deep sea black’ ceramics are used thoroughly. Brothers, please note that the dial of this watch is also ceramic, and the buckle is also ceramic. The hands and scales are platinum. So the brothers can see that the case of Omega ‘deep sea black’ or these external things, the configuration is very high. It is clearly distinguished from the ordinary steel shell hippocampus.

In addition to the case, other places are also in place.

We can see that the bezel of ‘Dark Sea Black’ is a diving ring, and the inside of the dial is 24 hours and two hours.

   Omega’s ‘Dark Ocean Black’ disk design issues. I wrote about other watches in the hippocampus before, and I mentioned it several times, this time. On the surface, ‘Dark Ocean Black’ is a GMT, but we will find that it is different from the general hippocampal marine universe GMT. This is because ‘Dark Sea Black’ adjusted the dial design while taking into account both diving and GMT. The brothers can see that the bezel of the ‘deep sea black’ is a one-way rotating bezel of the diving watch, and the ‘deep sea black’ achieves the dial outer ring with the 24-hour figures of the two places. The general marine universe GMT bezel is a 24-hour number, so the general marine universe GMT has no diving circle, and the function of the diving watch is incomplete. It is a GMT two-time watch (although it is 600 meters waterproof, but Because there is no unidirectional rotating bezel). ‘Dark Sea Black’ adjusted the design and made a ‘almighty’ design that takes into account both diving and the two places. It is very reasonable and very in place. It is a professional diving watch.

Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ 8900 series 8906 coaxial movement and buckle.
   Omega ‘Dark Ocean Black’ is the first batch of watches using Omega’s new 8900 series coaxial movement, ‘Deep Ocean Black’ is earlier than the hippocampus AQUA TERRA using the 8900. ‘Dark Sea Black’ uses an 8906 coaxial movement. Omega brothers are now familiar with the ultimate coaxial movement. 15000 Gaussian antimagnetic, double certification, Swiss Observatory certification plus METAS certification, double certification is very good for travel time performance (Omega to Zhen Observatory standard 0 / + 5 seconds per day). Many people have experimented with strong neodymium magnets on the Omega 15000 Gaussian anti-magnetic matter. A brother of mine also tried it with a strong neodymium magnet (neodymium magnets are available on Taobao). Tried it with a neodymium magnet on Omega, Rolex and higher brands. Ou Helao, this kind of performance-oriented watch, anti-magnetic is done in place, is not affected by the magnet at all, normal travel time. But a certain brand of these watches with a higher emphasis on art (I will not talk about the brand) is completely unavailable, it is immediately magnetized, the travel time is fast, and then the demagnetization returns to normal. The performance of the Omega coaxial movement is still very strong, and we are not afraid of the various environments we usually encounter. To be honest, why the luxury sports watches like Omega and Rolex are so hot, it really makes sense. Water-proof, anti-magnetic, durable, good performance, high value, all-in-one watch, wears heart and peace of mind.

Omega ‘Dark Sea Black’ (top) and Blancpain 50 噚 athysacaphe (bottom)
‘Dark Sea Black’ should be in a higher position.

   Omega’s ‘Deep Ocean Black’ watch (including ‘Deep Ocean Blue’), after it was released, I also saw that many players around the world are discussing it. The main issue to be discussed is that the configuration of ‘Dark Ocean Black’ is very high and the public price is also very high. It has reached the level of Blancpain 50 噚 Bathysacaphe. Some players agree that Omega’s ‘Dark Ocean Black’ has surpassed Omega’s traditional positioning and reached a higher positioning, which should belong to a higher-level luxury sports watch. ‘Dark sea black’ waterproof level (600 meters waterproof), bezel injection rubber staining, two-time function, plus all ceramics are strong points. 50 噚 Bathysacaphe brand positioning, 1315 movement polishing, K gold automatic tourbillon, 5 days power, moderate size of the watch and various case configurations are strong points. ‘Dark Sea Black’ and 50 噚 Bathysacaphe each have their own strengths. So I think this point makes sense.

Lin Zhiling And Longines Attended The Opening Ceremony Of Suria Klcc’s Newest Sina Piano Store In Malaysia.

Located on the first floor of Suria KLCC, a famous landmark in Kuala Lumpur, the new store follows the style of Longines stores around the world. Every detail shows a refined and elegant style, deducing ‘Elegance is an Attitude’ ‘(Elegant attitude. True personality). The new store is 803 square feet in size and houses rare 19th-century antique pocket watches that are limited to the store’s display.

   Like other Longines stores around the world, the interior design uses exquisite traditional materials, such as lacquered wooden boards embossed with the representative flying wing hourglass logo, waxed leather and polished marble, with carefully selected fixtures. And embellishments create a peaceful and intimate environment. Watch enthusiasts can easily browse a series of watches in the store in a friendly and elegant atmosphere, including Longines DolceVita, Longines Master, and Longines Conquest Classic And watches such as Classic.
   All Sina piano KLCC stores offer a wide selection of watches, which has become a must-visit for the tasteful customers. Taiwan’s famous model, actress and TV host Lin Zhiling also specially visited the store to attend the official opening ceremony.
   Lin Zhiling has been the elegant image ambassador of Longines for 12 years. Her elegant temperament and fashion style reflect the elegant style of Longines. Lin Zhiling was wearing a Longines DolceVita watch at the opening ceremony, and a light box poster featuring her as the protagonist was displayed in front of the store to show her blessings and support for Longines. .
   While taking pictures and signing, she talked about her relationship with Longines. ‘It is my honor to celebrate such a wonderful milestone here today. I have been an elegant image ambassador since 2005. I have experienced many wonderful moments over the years, and this time I am very happy to return to Malaysia to celebrate the opening of this brand new store . ‘

   Lin Zhiling co-hosted the ribbon-cutting ceremony with Longines Vice President Charles Villoz, General Manager of Swatch Group Malaysia and Singapore Jose De Cardoso, and Longines Malaysia Brand Manager Ooi Say Yew.
   Charles Villoz, Vice President of Longines, said: ‘We are very pleased to be located in this famous landmark in Malaysia. I am sure that our customers will be attracted by our new design and will like us. The new store gives our customers more opportunities. Explore the outstanding work of Longines in an elegant setting and learn about the history of the brand through the Longines antique collection on display. ‘
   After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Lin Zhiling and Charles Villoz visited the store, and stopped to appreciate the antique watches in the Longines Museum in the display area. The specialty store uses a large number of advertisements made by Lin Zhiling for Longines to decorate.
   The guests included celebrities such as Chen Lixing, Zhang Huihong and Xu Yanen. In addition to visiting the new store, guests also have the opportunity to appreciate the unique Longines classic models. They watched the harp while visiting the specialty store, and the atmosphere was charming.
   The newly opened Longines store is a modern interpretation of the brand’s traditional values ​​and 185 years of extraordinary craftsmanship. Every time a boutique is opened, Longines seizes the opportunity to show that the brand is committed to pursuing elegance and enthusiasm for continuous innovation.

Omega Seamaster Series 007 Watch Introduction

Product number: Reference price: ¥ 32,200
Bond Returns: James Bond in 007: Quantum of Solace
No movie release is more exciting than the release of the new 007 series, and no watch release is more exciting than the birth of the Omega Seahorse 007.

James Bond and Omega Seamaster Limited Edition Watch: Worth Looking Forward!
The Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe ‘Quantum of Solace’ 600m limited edition diving watch will be honored with the release of a new 007 movie. Bond fans and watch enthusiasts will be rewarded for their patience. Directed by Mark Foster, Michael & middot; G. & middot; Wilson and Barbara & middot; Brokley’s film ‘007: Quantum of Solace’, directed by EON Productions Released worldwide in November 2008, Daniel Craig will play James Bond again.

Many features have made the hippocampus Ocean Universe a popular model in the world, and the “ Quantum of Solace ” 600-meter limited edition diving watch inherits these features: 2500 with Omega’s revolutionary coaxial escapement device The self-winding astronomical movement greatly reduces the friction between parts and ensures the accuracy of long-term operation. The power reserve is 48 hours. The cardless balance with hairspring further improves the accuracy. ‘Quantum of Solace’ The 600-meter limited edition diving watch is the perfect choice for professional diving: it is waterproof to a depth of 600 meters, and is equipped with a helium exhaust valve and a unidirectional rotating bezel.

A new style of style
The Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe ‘Quantum of Solace’ 600m limited edition diving watch is full of personality, and its unique details are different from any other 007 models: the black dial design follows the texture of the Bond Walther PPK pistol handle .

‘Quantum of Solace’ The 600-meter limited edition diving watch is covered with a white luminous coating on the hands and hour scales. The delicate ‘Quantum of Solace’ (laser quantum crisis) is engraved on the inside of the sapphire crystal. Omega letters and logos and Arabic numerals sit on the dial. The bright red tip of the second hand and the hippocampus logo contrast with the black dial. This watch is limited to 5,007 pieces worldwide.

The unquestionable 007 watch
This is an unquestionable 007 watch: the stainless steel bracelet is etched with the 007 logo on the buckle and case back. The words ‘Planet Ocean Limited Edition’ are etched on the back of the case, and the black color that appears after the chrome treatment intersects the black of the dial. The unique limited edition number of each watch (from 0001/5007 to 5007/5007) is also located on the case back.

The Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe ‘Quantum of Solace’ 600 meters limited edition diving watch has a diameter of 45.5mm and is placed in a noble and elegant black gift box. The texture of the gift box mirrors the dial of the watch, and the words ‘Quantum of Solace’ inside the gift box gloriously show the noble blood of this model.