Swiss Plum Watch To Accompany You Through A Century Of Precision

Since its establishment in 1919 in Grinchen, Switzerland, the Swiss TITONI watch has gone through almost a century, and it can be said to be one of the long-established watch factories. In its long and glorious background, TITONI is famous for its stable quality of ‘precision, reliable and durable’, and adheres to the belief of ‘mechanical technology’, making it still one of the few independent watch factories in Switzerland.
All automatic mechanical watches produced by TITONI undergo strict quality control. The accessories such as balance wheel devices, clockwork, shock absorbers are individually screened and assembled by professional technicians to ensure that their quality is different from other brands. The core is assembled directly. Behind every watch is the endless persistence and exploration of Swiss watchmaking technology, which is also an important spiritual element that forms the reputation of TITONI’s outstanding brand.
The plum watch factory with experienced and highly skilled craftsmen and advanced equipment produces excellent Swiss-made watches. The refinement of the details, all highlight the unique personality and temperament of different series of plum watches.
Maintaining the beauty of traditional values ​​and pursuing innovation is TITONI’s brand philosophy. Adhering to ‘quality’ is the foundation of everything. It does not dance blindly with the market trend. TITONI has been committed to finding the most popular and practical for more than 90 years. A proper balance point, standing on the watch market with classic shapes and stable quality.
Skywalker 83909-SY-063 Automatic Watch
Function: Three-pointer single calendar
Movement: automatic ETA movement
Water resistance: 50 meters
Dial: Roman numerals / Hao Shi
Table diameter: 38.5 mm
Mirror: Sapphire glass, anti-glare treatment

2012 Most Eye-catching Watch Inventory

At this year’s Geneva watch fair, we saw the future of dedicated faith and watch development. No matter in legend or in the movie, the mysterious Ark plan has laid the foundation for the rapid revival of human beings. We have carefully selected 6 eye-catching watches for you, which are the best genes to be eligible to board Noah’s Ark.

Largest physique: Montblanc Viller’s new era of the 1858 series ‘standard pointer marine chronograph and marine clock set’
套装 This set includes a canonical analog dual time zone chronograph and a large canonical analog marine clock, which displays the time in three places and has a world time display function. The chronograph is unveiled with a standard pointer dial layout, which is different from the traditional three-hand and one-line standard pointer timepieces, so that sailors clearly know the time of the original port of departure and the time of the current location. time. The nautical clock is 93 cm high, 56 cm in diameter, and weighs 120 kg. The marine clock is only half of the set, so one of the pillars has a small universal joint suspension bracket for the marine chronograph. Even if the sea waves are rough, the suspension bracket is always kept horizontal to protect the chronograph from the center of the earth The effect of suction causes errors.

The simplest dial: Lange SAXONIA ultra-thin watch
The thinnest watch ever made by this Saxony watch factory is only 5.9 mm thick. On the silver-white dial made of solid silver, the two-hand design and the 12-hour bar-shaped scale fully show the minimalist style and give a glimpse Can be identified as a watch design by Lange.

The weirdest look: Richard Mille Pablo Mac Donough Tourbillon
Inspired by the classic barrel shape, Richard Mille specially designed a ‘armored’ titanium carbide case with two raised arc-shaped display windows for the polo player Pablo Mac Donough. The movement design and display window are both Tilt at 30 degrees. The display window on the left shows the second hand movement of the tourbillon frame, and the display window on the right shows the hour and minute hands. This angle of view is ideal for riders riding on saddles. The new compact tourbillon movement design uses a highly hollowed movement base plate and splint, and is equipped with a tightly-designed barrel system to avoid the effects of centrifugal and centripetal forces experienced during polo matches.

The most special material: Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Koala Watch
This is a real innovation. Straw has become a precious watchmaking material, appearing side by side with gold, diamonds, etc. on the master craftsman’s workbench. High-quality straws are screened out based on their toughness and gloss, and they are split open section by section, flattened with bone pressure sticks, cut with a fine wood carving saw, and finally combined into a delicate pattern. Straws of different sizes and colors are arranged side by side as closely as possible to achieve a three-dimensional, deep visual effect. The straw has seven different shades from golden yellow to brown, and its natural golden luster gives the koala decoration a lifelike image. This unique rich luster, after being dyed and assembled on the dial, can still maintain its natural state without any protective measures or glazing. The ancient straw inlay mosaic art has provided inspiration for many artistic creations. Cartier has taken this unexpected watchmaking material to the extreme, exuding delicate style and unique poetry.

The most luxurious women’s watch: Piaget Limelight Garden Party jewelry watch
The Piaget rose bloomed on the mysterious watch in a remarkable poppy-like form, and boldly reversed it into a whimsical and playful delicate decoration. The densely set 668 round diamonds weighed 8.7 carats and bloomed. Looking up to beauty.

Most Unique Fun: Cartier Temps Moderne de Cartier Watch
On the Tahiti mother-of-pearl chassis decorated with swirl patterns, three rings set with brilliant-cut diamonds danced under the drive of gears, and the small dial indicating the time kept rotating in the main dial, creating a dazzling Fascinating mechanical beauty … On the watch chassis, a modern ballet is being staged. The jewel’s light bounced between the gears and fell on the crown in a blink of an eye. This new and unique watch brings whimsy from jewellery design to shine under the light of precious stones and play with time.

Treasure Breguet Queen Mary-news Breguet

Anthony Mary is Abraham-Louis. Breguet’s most charming and loyal customers. The style and dignity of the French queen inspired the inspiration of Breguet, thus making the most gorgeous works. Breguet’s Marie-Antoinette ‘Dentelle’ fine jewelry watch. Praising the French queen’s love for fashion, especially the lace decoration, Breguet’s jeweller further perfected this platinum jewelry watch.

BREGUET Marie-Antoinette ‘Dentelle’

Lace trim surrounds the curve of the case and is set with 89 round diamonds weighing approximately 5.30 carats. The mother-of-pearl dial is also embellished with 123 round diamond laces and weighs about 0.3 carats, charmingly winding for a minute and a second. The spherical decoration at 6 o’clock makes the oval ruby ​​weighing about 1.3 carats more magnificent. The winding crown at 3 o’clock is decorated with a pear-shaped diamond with a triangular facet, which is integrated with the diamond lace decoration. Breguet buckle set with 26 round diamonds. The entire watch, including the case, frame, bezel flange and lugs, is set with 245 diamonds and weighs about 3.36 carats. Equipped with a manual-winding movement, this jewellery watch can be combined with a diamond-set riviere necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring, all designed with lace as the theme. Total diamonds are about 9 carats.

Breguet Le Désir de la Reine

The dress worn by Queen Mary at the time was as admirable as her jewelry or hair style. Most of these dresses are decorated with lace, ribbons and bows. Breguet was fascinated by these details, and inspired by this, he created the ‘Le Désir de la Reine’ fine jewelry watch. The bow that adorn this watch stretches to the partially frosted mother-of-pearl dial, and the pear-shaped diamond adds light to the bow, reminiscent of the dress of the time. Since women also appreciate mechanical technology, this 18K white gold watch with silk satin strap is equipped with a self-winding movement. The jeweller at the Breguet workshop also performed a bow on the ring, set with an oval diamond in the center. Total diamonds are approximately 5.2 carats.

Breguet Secret de la Reine

In 1783, Elizabeth. Vis-Le. Brune painted the portrait of ‘Marie Anthony and the Rose’ for the French queen. To commemorate this most famous customer, Breguet took inspiration from the world of Mary Anthony and created the elegant ‘La Rose de la Reine’ series, with the theme of roses held in the portrait of the queen, and made with shell relief techniques. This traditional shell carving technique originates from southern Italy. Today, Breguet has added a new member. This watch is named ‘Secret de la Reine’ and is also accompanied by a set of jewelry accessories including rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and made of Arcoy pearls, one meter or Two meter necklace. Generally speaking, the secret watch is to hide the time, and push the shell embossed rose to display the time. This beautifully embossed relief depicts rose petals, diamonds set on the watch and the symbol of this series, adding beauty to the relief rose. Available in 18K rose or white gold, this fine jewellery watch does not abandon Breguet’s promise to assemble a mechanical movement in a women’s watch. Therefore, this timepiece is equipped with an automatic winding movement 586, which can be coated by The top two sapphire crystals with anti-glare coating on the back cover demonstrate the movement. Total diamonds are about 3 carats.

Richard Miller Launches Rm 61-01 Yohan Blake Watch

Richard Mille released the RM 59-01 Tourbillon watch last year to pay tribute to the Olympic medalists, the world’s second-ranked flying men in the 100m and 200m races. Watches come in the same vein. The watch uses a highly skeletonized RMUL2 movement in grade 5 titanium alloy, plus PVD coating and Titalyt® treatment to ensure excellent performance.

   The bezel and rear case of the RM 61-01 are made of TZP-N. This ultra-rugged black ceramic material has a very low density (6 g.cm3) combined with a high degree of scratch protection and extremely low thermal conductivity. The TZP-N material is an alloy of 95% zirconium, added with a stable metal yttrium, sandblasted, hand polished, and chamfered, and a lightweight, flexible NTPT® carbon fiber main case. The elongated design between 2 o’clock and 5 o’clock prevents the crown from rubbing against the wrists of sprinters.

   The RMUL2 movement has a 55-hour power reserve, a grade 5 titanium alloy, PVD coating and Titalyt® treatment, and a cardless balance with a vibration frequency of 4 Hz. In order to meet the needs of athletes, Richard Mille uses super tough materials. The RM 61-01 movement has been tested for external impacts exceeding 5000G.

The large crown protection of the new watch also enhances the sturdy feel of the watch and also protects the case from sports and other activities. The green suspension bridge embedded in the front of the movement is anodized and hand-painted, reminiscent of the hometown of Yohan Blake, Jamaica. His record-breaking performance in arenas around the world has earned him the domineering nickname of ‘The Beast’.

Founder’s Revolution Nomos Tetra Neomatik- News Nomos

In addition to the traditional round watch, there are actually many different options for the case shape, such as the popular classic square watch series Tetra by NOMOS. The Neomatik series launched in the fall of 2015 has two Tetra watches added to the lineup in 2016. They are Tetra Neomatik Nachtblau with midnight dark blue dial with green details, and the white electroplated silver dial with blue and blue details introduced in this article. Tetra Neomatik, the two new faceplates have changed the fluorescent color of the first-generation Neomatik logo with a new gold tone, which is refreshing.

Feature one: minimalist aesthetics of the signboard
The square case is quite rare on the altar, and the minimalist philosophy of NOMOS is also unique. The pure faceplate design does not have a bit of extra decoration. The fine lines, layout arrangements, and color combinations are fun and unique. grid. Tetra Neomatik’s white dial brings freshness to the watch. The black slender hands and scales allow the dial to be largely white. It is only embellished with cyan details on the edge of the dial and small red seconds. Add a touch of energy to the lean pasta.

The pure white dial design maintains the brand’s consistent minimalist style. It is only embellished with cyan and blue details on the edge of the dial and a small red second hand. It adds a little vitality to the simplified dial by using color

Feature two: slightly grown size
The two stainless steel cases of the Tetra Neomatik are available in a new size of 33mmx33mm. Compared to the same series, they are bigger and more masculine. Thanks to the unremitting efforts of NOMOS in the research and development of the movement in recent years, the watch is equipped with a DUW 3001 movement with a thickness of only 3.2mm, which allows the overall thickness of the case to be 7.2mm, making it more comfortable to wear. Users can also appreciate the movement of the movement through the case back, as well as parts such as Glashütte’s three-quarter splint, NOMOS balance bridge and hollow two-way winding automatic design.

Thanks to the research and development achievements of NOMOS in recent years, the thickness of the DUW 3001 automatic movement is only 3.2mm, which enables the case to reach a slimness of 7.2mm.

Feature three: The content of DUW 3001 is upgraded again
In terms of travel time accuracy, the DUW 3001 movement is also perfect. Through the brand’s advanced research and development results and production technology, the travel time error can be reduced by half, while the efficiency and accuracy have been greatly improved. It is worth mentioning that two Tetra Neomatik watches also apply a small innovative technology-the DUW fine-tuning system. This system further optimizes the DUW 3001 movement, replacing the previous Triovis system, making the movement easier and more convenient. Achieve the best travel time accuracy.

The DUW 3001 movement replaces the previous Triovis system with the DUW control system, making the movement easier and more convenient to achieve the best time accuracy

Tetra Neomatik

Stainless steel material / DUW 3001 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 33x33mm / reference price: 26,700RMB

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Next Game’ – Praise The Pioneer Spirit Of The Times

On November 3, 2016, Montblanc Montblanc’s ‘Don’t Fear the Next-Praise the Pioneering Spirit of the Times’ press conference and the 110th anniversary of the global tour exhibition in Shenzhen was grandly held at the Grand Hyatt Shenzhen. Montblanc Global Creative Director Mr. Zaim Kamal, Montblanc Asia Pacific President Julien Renard, Montblanc China Managing Director Aris Maroulis, and Montblanc Brand Ambassador Lin Dan came to the scene and cut the ribbon for the tour. Since 1906, Montblanc has paid tribute to the pioneering spirit of the times. Montblanc brand ambassador Mr. Lin Dan officially announced that he would not retire after the Rio Olympics at the event site, and explained the firm belief of ‘no fear of the next game’ with practical actions. Montblanc is also working with the brand ambassador to declare ‘110 years of achievement is not the end, Montblanc will never fear the next challenge.’

Montblanc’s ‘Don’t be afraid of the next-praise the pioneering spirit of the era’ conference photo
Go beyond yourself, not afraid of the next game

Montblanc Asia Pacific President Julien Renard, Montblanc Global Creative Director Zaim Kamal, Montblanc Brand Ambassador Lin Dan, and Montblanc China Managing Director Aris Maroulis

Montblanc Asia Pacific President Julien Renard Addresses
 Montblanc China brand ambassador Lin Dan, under the age of 19, reached the number one position in the IBF. Has successively won the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics men’s singles events. It is the first time in the history of badminton to gather the Olympic champion, the World Championship champion, the World Cup champion, the Asian Games champion, the Asian Championship champion, the All England Championship and many more. A world slam player who is the champion of the World Badminton Super Series. Because of his fierce playing style and distinctive personality, Lin Dan has been called ‘Super Dan’ by the majority of fans, and is recognized as the strongest badminton player of his generation, even the greatest player in badminton history.

Montblanc China Brand Ambassador Lin Dan Attends the Press Conference ‘Don’t Fear the Next-Praise the Pioneering Spirit of the Times’
 Even though she harvested countless flowers and applause, for Lin Dan, it was not easy to walk along the road of badminton, from stumbling, to beginning to know how to enjoy the game, and gradually getting better, until becoming the king of the feather altar. Controversy, pain, and troughs bothered him all the time, but he never gave up lightly, only because of his love of badminton and his relentless pursuit of the highest goal. The title of ‘World Champion’ can be won by one game, but the title of ‘The Greatest Player in Badminton History’ can only be won by relying on one game after another to go all out and pass the challenge. In Lin Dan’s mind, even if he won the championship, it is only a glory this time, just a point in the long river of life, and he is always looking forward to the next game to create glory above glory.

Montblanc Creative Director Zaim Kamal explains the Montblanc TimeWalker Pythagore ultralight concept watch

Montblanc China Brand Ambassador Lin Dan Attends the Press Conference ‘Don’t Fear the Next-Praise the Pioneering Spirit of the Times’
 In Lin Dan’s view, Montblanc is an international top luxury brand with its own persistence and attitude, not following the trend, and after hundreds of years of hardening. Montblanc’s iconic hexagonal white star symbol, which symbolizes Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe, means that Montblanc continues to explore and carve out a new level of brand value. Just like Lin Dan himself, no matter how brilliant the past, he still has the courage to continue to create miracles. For him, the more important meaning of life is to persist in surpassing himself and creating new legends.
In his nearly 30-year career, he has participated in four consecutive Olympic Games. Many people have speculated that Lin Dan will soon retire after the Rio Olympics and say goodbye to the badminton. , Never give up the pursuit of excellence and extreme, continue to move forward, not afraid of the next game.

Antique Pythagore movement from the Minerva factory
Centennial heritage continues to break the extreme

Ribbon-cutting Ceremony of ‘To Commemorate the Pioneering Spirit of Montblanc’s 110th Anniversary World Tour Shenzhen Station’
 The inextricable relationship between the Montblanc brand and Lin Dan began with the pioneering spirit of the times that the two have consistently created classics and constantly challenged their limits. The 110th anniversary bears a glorious history for Montblanc. Like Lin Dan, Montblanc is also not afraid of challenges, and once again breaks through the extremes of fine watchmaking. The Pythagore ultralight concept watch from Timewalker showcases excellent watch skills and expresses its determination not to fear the next game. Montblanc Global Creative Director Mr. Zaim Kamal introduced the excellent timepiece to the media and guests at the press conference.

Timewalker Pythagore Ultralight Concept Watch
 Montblanc has developed revolutionary and innovative materials for the Timewalker Pythagore ultralight concept watch. The lugs are made of black DLC-coated titanium, and the case middleware, case back, bezel and crown are made of unique ITR Kevlar / carbon material, making the entire Timewalker Pythagore ultralight concept watch extremely light. And durable, it has become one of the world’s thinnest mechanical timepieces, weighing only 14.88 grams (excluding the weight of the strap). Equipped with the new Montblanc hand-wound MB M62.48 movement, this movement reinterprets the classic Minerva movement produced in 1943 with a modern design. It adopts a straight bridge shape and follows the Pythagoras golden section. Principle of proportionality. This highly modern movement has been completely redesigned in terms of materials and processes, bringing traditional aesthetics to the future.

Montblanc creative director Zaim Kamal and Montblanc China brand ambassador Lin Dan visit the ‘Sorry to praise the pioneering spirit of Montblanc’s 110th anniversary global tour Shenzhen Station’

Montblanc 110th Anniversary Global Tour Exhibition in Shenzhen
 For 110 years, Montblanc has always created every product with the concept of continuous innovation and the best craftsmanship, and strives to create a life for people with continuous innovation. Montblanc’s ‘110th Anniversary, Praise the Times Pioneer Spirit Global Tour Exhibition Shenzhen Station’ continued to be open to the public from November 3 to November 7. We invite more consumers to witness Montblanc’s pioneering spirit from 1906.

Watch House Forum Tablemates Meet In Beijing Station Successfully Concluded

On July 30, 2014, the theme forum event of Watch House [Beijing Club Friends · Beijing Station] was successfully held in Beijing Wangfujing Commercial Circle. After work that day, we hurried to our destination. This event is completely supported by the Watch House. It is intended to invite everyone to eat and eat together, talk about watches, and have a complete zero-distance contact with everyone.
  This event has a large number of registrations. We have selected 10 cousins ​​to participate in this offline gathering. Don’t be discouraged by those who haven’t participated in the success, we still have the next stop. Here is a little publicity. If you have a better idea about the content of the next stop, you can tell us. Specific address:


  Netizens rushed in from all directions, it was really hard, so we can’t wait for it. At 7 o’clock on Wednesday, we met at the dinner place on time. There were a lot of senior watch fans at the scene, and the moderator Lao Nian also came to the scene. Of course, there is the editor of our watch house. At the party, you and I were separated.


   With the netizens coming to the scene one after another, we also arrived at the dinner time, cousins, one after another, I had to stay and watch the baby.
During the party, the cousins ​​who met late and hate naturally became more and more familiar. There were a lot of topics during the meeting. From Tiannan Haibei to ancient and modern watches, everyone talked openly, not only talking about the development of national watches, everyone proposed their own Insights, and watch friends’ choice of watches has also received the advice and help of many senior watch fans.

   Food at the party:

  At the beginning of the event, when we got to know each other, everyone took a group photo to take a commemorative photo. The forum forum friends who were present included Xiao S classmates, old noodles, one ear of Beijing, and several senior cousins ​​from Weibo. We have recruited the country’s smallest cousin Andy, a kid who loves to mess with the camera, and a senior cousin who can distinguish all the brands present.

   Next, I would like to introduce the good friends who are present:

  First from my left hand, senior cousin Xiao S and his baby son.

  Next is the long-awaited watch home forum watch knowledge section moderator Lao Nian teacher-a teacher who takes good care of children. Lao Nian teacher himself likes children very much. Here is a quote from Lao Nian teacher ‘The most beautiful The picture is the child’s eyes, and the sound of nature sounds like a child’s voice. I would like to be with the children forever, giving them knowledge and purifying my heart. ‘

  New and active netizens in the forum-one ear in Beijing.

   The man in black in the second position on the right is senior cousin Pang, a senior cousin who is full of watch knowledge.

   Next, the deep male paper is also a senior cousin-Brother Wang (first left from above).

  The last two are cousin Mr. Sun (middle) and his friends.

   Towards the end of the event, everyone left contact information to meet each other next time-to continue to write the story of the watch family meeting of watch friends.

   Finally, we took a photo of the watch. For details, please click the link: 259 / 159272.html

Art Poet On The Wrist And Jacques De Lore Together To Appreciate The Stars

If you ask me which brand is deeply integrated into my bones, then the first thing that comes to my mind is Jacques Dro. This is a low-key aristocracy, from the brand’s creation to the collapse of the feudal system of the great monarch. The brand was appreciated by the royal families of many countries and, through the trade channel, became associated with China during the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. The one with the deepest roots in China. Jacques de Ronaldo and many other watch brands have different ideas. It is one of the few super-complex watches that is stunning. Another major feature of the brand is the use of special materials and traditional and complex craftsmanship to present outstanding creativity. The dial theme is, to me, a poet. Jacques de J012633202 watch is just like one of the humble gentlemen. He is not sculpted, but personable. Most importantly, his humorous moon face makes people feel interesting and easy-going.

    There are many watches with moon phases, and there are many forms of moon phase display with extraordinary creativity. However, it is not many that make the moon phase display humorous like Jacques Droe. In China, scholars and writers like to be sentimental in mountains and rivers, and reflect on the sun and the moon. Jacques Dro watch also has the impression that it is beyond the natural laws of the moon phase, and presents its own emotional expression.
The full moon is missing


    Alone in a different country is a different guest, every time the holiday season, think twice. Maybe the moonlight at night will produce different feelings in the eyes of different people, and on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, how many people carry the same feelings of nostalgia. In a wonderful way, Jacques Dro has given the original calm universe stars a romantic feeling, and this is the perfect portrayal of Jacques Dro’s artistic tone.

Moon phases of Jacques Dro

    Of course, anything that wants to resonate with people must have its extraordinary ingenuity. This moonphase watch by Jacques Dro is based on its famous black ‘Grand Feu’ large fire enamel dial, with the central moon face as the axis, and 8 stars are arranged symmetrically on both sides (people who know Jacques Dro also You must know Jacques Dro’s love for the number 8). These stars and the golden moon face in the center are processed by the master Jaquet Droz, and are set on the dial. The bezel above the moon face has a retrograde design. When turned to the side, it will automatically return, and the moon face will replay the hide and seek game with you.


    In addition, the watch has the date, day of the week and month indications, and the meandering calendar pointer in the center uses a crescent design, which is unique. There is no doubt that it is this unique hand and its own moon phase display that give the watch a charming charm and a completely different human emotion.
Luxury and elegance

18K Rose Gold Case

    Jacques de Ross watch is made of 18K rose gold, the surface is polished, the texture is delicate, the color is warm, gorgeous and delicate. The crown of the watch bears two stars in mind, a favorite symbol of the founder of the brand.

Concealed adjustment button


    On both sides of the case, in order to preserve the aesthetics of the watch, all the function adjustment buttons use a hidden design, which can be easily adjusted with just one adjustment needle. Obviously, this is an elegant ‘poet in Chinese clothes ‘.

18K pin buckle

Alligator Alligator Strap

    Paired with a rose gold case, the watch is made from precious crocodile leather. What is impressive is that Jacques Dero’s crocodile leather straps are generally hand-rolled, and the sides of the straps are completely free of sewing and adhesion marks on traditional crocodile leather straps. Its practical benefit is to avoid cracks on the side of the strap, and the deeper meaning lies in the higher grade of the strap. The strap is equipped with a 18K rose gold pin buckle, which is simple in structure but safe and secure.
Time flows, mechanical aesthetics

Back-through design

    The watch’s hands are slowly turning, announcing the flow of time, and behind this is a miniature mechanical ‘engine’ that never stops operating. Jacques de L’ECLIPSE EMAIL NOIR watch has a built-in 6553L2 self-winding movement, a dual barrel provides 68 hours of power reserve, and the full chain can take the watch almost 3 days. Through this ‘engine’, the watch’s precise and graceful window jumping characters, hand rotation, moon phase retrograde and other functions are realized.

Self-winding movement

    Through the transparent case back, we can see the exquisite structure of the movement, the fine texture, the curved lines on the edges of the splint flowing under different light, and the 22K gold automatic oscillating weight can rotate freely. There is a poetry and self-confidence in China, and I think the same applies to the description of the Jacques DeRomantic ‘poet’.

Summary: In 2013, I first noticed Jacques Dro, which was at the Jacques Dro store on Beijing Financial Street (which is no longer available today). It was a Jacques Dro exhibition at the time, but unfortunately I did not see the bird of time. Accidentally harvested Jacques Delo, a literary poet. Jacques Dro Art Workshop brought me a lot of surprises. Even the functional-oriented watches have a new interpretation under Jacques Dro’s interpretation. If the first essence of a watch is precision, then the charm of Jacques Dro is to elevate accurate time to a quality of life and let us see the emotional expression of time.

Champion Happy Sport 20th Anniversary Watch Show Bao Hongtang Debut

Chopard Happy Sport 20th Anniversary Watch Show
Special invitation to new generation movie star Xie Xinying
Showcase the latest Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch

 Chopard, Switzerland’s top watch and jewellery brand, will host the ‘Happy Sport 20th Anniversary Watch Exhibition’ at the founding store of Taipei Baohongtang from December 13 to December 22, 2013, so that more consumers can fully appreciate the classic Chopard The lively design of the Happy Sport watch. Before the show, Chopard held a press conference at the founding shop of Baohongtang on December 11. It also invited a new generation of actor Xie Xinying to show the Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Happy Sport. Sport pushed another successful milestone.

 Chopard will host the ‘Happy Sport 20th Anniversary Watch Exhibition’ from December 13th to December 22nd, 2013 at the founding shop of Taipei Baohongtang. The picture shows the Chopard Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch (model: 274808-5003), priced at NT $ 810,000.

Movie star Xie Xinying incarnates pink elf and sliding diamonds

 Since the twentieth anniversary of the birth of the Happy Sport watch, with continuous rich creativity and exquisite craftsmanship, the sliding diamond has been spinning and jumping like a ballet dancer, sometimes transformed into snowflakes, fishes, palm trees … different fun of sliding, Become Chopard’s famous classic watch style. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, the mechanical watch Happy Sport Automatice with a self-winding movement is specially introduced, giving the watch a new inner meaning.

 Xing Xinying, a new-generation film star who is currently filming Hou Xiaoxian’s new film ‘Nie Yinniang’, has won the Golden Horse for Best Supporting Actress Award. Come to appreciate it on December 11th. The founding shop of Baohongtang showcased the happy atmosphere of Happy Sport’s 20th anniversary in pink, which is the favorite of women, and Xie Xinying also appeared in a pink dress. Xie Xinying, who has a variety of ways, is like the Happy Sport watch with variable appearance and her acting skills are well-recognized. She is more like the new Happy Sport Automatice mechanical watch with a strong inner strength, so she immediately caught her heart when she saw the watch.

Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch is Happy Sport’s first automatic movement watch

 The new Chopard Happy Sport Automatice mechanical watch reinvents the classic, giving the watch a new inner meaning. In addition to faithfully presenting the elegant and delicate appearance of the original series, the new Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch also shows a modern and modern texture. Chopard’s classic 7 happy sliding diamonds rotate on the specially decorated silver dial, adding avant-garde and stylish atmosphere to the traditional classic design. The back of the watch is replaced by an anti-glare sapphire crystal back case, which allows you to appreciate the beauty of the automatic mechanical movement decorated with Geneva ripples. There are three styles of stainless steel, 18K white gold and 18K rose gold. They are water-resistant to 30 meters and are designed with colorful crocodile leather straps or chain straps.

 The Baohongtang founding shop displays the Happy Sport watches of the classic style of Happy Sport over the years, with round, square or oval cases. The 42mm diameter sporty white bezel and rubber strap models allow different styles and generations. Women can find their own Happy Sport watches.

     Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch (model: 278559-3002), priced at NT $ 305,000.

 Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch (model: 278559-3001), priced at NT $ 261,000.

 Happy Sport Automatic mechanical watch (model: 274808-5003), priced at NT $ 810,000.

 Chopard For You High Jewelry Earrings, priced at NT $ 1,623,000.

With A Watch For Some Time Mido Commander Series Watches Recommended

From September to September, we are bidding farewell to the summer heat, and we will welcome the cold winter in autumn and winter. In this season change, we can just enjoy the beauty of this season. Pleasant temperature, pleasant scenery, self-contained romantic watch, and relaxed mood.

Swiss Mido COMMANDER Commander Series Silicon Hairspring Long Kinetic Observatory Certified Men’s Watch


Product model: M031.631.11.031.00
Domestic public price: 9600
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80 Si Observatory certified fully automatic mechanical movement
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details:
Product model: M031.631.11.061.00
Domestic public price: 9600
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80 Si Observatory certified fully automatic mechanical movement
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details:

Product model: M021.431.11.041.00
Domestic public price: 9600
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Caliber 80 Observatory certified fully automatic movement
Water resistance: 50 meters
Case material: Stainless steel
Watch details: 80 fully automatic mechanical movement, but it is not equipped with a silicon spring; third, you will find that the previous model has a diameter of 40 mm, and the new model actually increases the size. However, different designs naturally have different meanings. The previous styles are more friendly to men with small wrists, and the regular bracelets are naturally easier to match and manage.
Summary: The beautiful season is a gift of nature. Choose a delicate watch, embark on a journey of searching, find the traces of the seasons, feel the temperature of time, the Mido new commander series silicon spring long kinetic energy observatory Certified watch, stable and accurate performance, just like your meticulous attitude to life.