Germany-class German Watchmaking Brand Lange Classic Crafts Shine Jingcheng

A. Lange & Söhne, an international palace-level German watch brand with a history of 164 years, in order to further share Lange’s honorable production with Chinese watch fans who love watches, especially in 2009 From November 1st to 15th, the ‘Langor Watches Shine in Beijing’ exhibition was held on the first floor of the flagship store of Sambo Beijing Wangfujing. Watch models, driving an unprecedented wave of watch appreciation. In order to be grand, Mr. Arnd Einhorn, the brand’s director of media and public relations, specially brought the brand’s most eye-catching new product of the year and the world’s first manually wound watch with the time-hopping function Lange Zeitwerk. Mr. Huang Yingfei, the managing director of Lange Asia Pacific, set up a special press conference on November 6 to introduce his special watches to media friends.
     On November 7, the Lange brand also hosted a dinner with Lange Watches at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Beijing together with Sambo Watch Beijing Wangfujing flagship store. Sambo watches specially invited more than 20 VIPs from Lange Watches to attend the banquet. As the only high-end watch franchise store in Beijing that sells Lange brands, many distinguished guests of Sambo watches have a special interest in Lange’s expression.

Which Longines Or Omega Is Better? Longines Or Omega?

Brand introduction
Longines watches
  The Swiss Auguste Agassi started the watch business in Saint-Imier in 1832. Later his nephew Ernest Francillon continued to expand his business and opened a watchmaking workshop in Les Longines, Switzerland in 1866. In 1867 Francois registered the ‘Longines’ company, and the Longines brand was officially born. In the same year, the first Longines movement L20A was launched. From 1867, each Longines watch is engraved with the flying wing hourglass logo.
  In 1880, Longines officially became a registered trademark in Switzerland, and it is also one of the oldest trademarks in the Swiss watchmaking industry. In 1885, Longines won its first prize at the Antwerp International Exhibition. Since then Longines has won a series of international awards, including a record of 10 Greenwich Awards.
  In the 20th century, watches gradually replaced pocket watches. Longines produced the first mechanical watch in 1905, and in 1912 launched a square watch with an innovative spirit, introducing elegant geometric design into the watchmaking industry. At the Swiss Federal Games in Basel in 1912, Longines became the first watchmaker in the world to launch a fully automatic timepiece.
  In the 1920’s, Longines’ design and manufacture of clocks and watches were handy. Its new art deco style was well received by the market, and Longines with its geometric design concept became a name for elegance. In 1927, the pilot Charles Limbaugh set the record for the uninterrupted transatlantic flight from New York to Paris. The timepiece he chose was Longines. Later, Lin Bai specially designed a timer for Longines, which is the prototype of Longines navigation watches. By the 1930s, Longines had become a must-have for some famous explorers.
  Longines’ 30 millionth watch was born on February 19, 2001. In 1994, Longines re-entered the Chinese market after nearly half a century. By 2003, the sales of Longines watches in the Chinese market were already the largest in the world, surpassing the sales of Longines watches in Italy and Japan.
  Longines is a company founded by Ernest Francillin in Saint-Emil, Switzerland. Its origins can be traced back to the 1830s. Longines also owns the oldest registered trademark (a winged hourglass). Longines now belongs to the Swiss Swatch Group.
  Longines is famous for its ‘Flying Home’ watch. After a successful Atlantic Rim flight, Charles Lindenberger designed a watch to help air navigation. Longines was originally used for his special purpose flying.
Omega Watches
  In 1848, the Swiss Confederation was born, with Louis Brandt and La Chardeffin
(Chaux-de-Fonds) began the watch assembly work. In 1880, Louis Brand’s sons Louis-Paul and Csar relocated the plant to the Bienne region, which is abundant in human resources, rich in resources and convenient in transportation. Since then, mechanized production, unified specifications of parts, and the introduction of a new division of labor system for assembly work, to make precise and accurate, high quality and reasonable price models. After the world-famous Omega 19 movement was launched in 1894, it not only became a symbol of excellence, the company was therefore named ‘Omega’. Since then, Omega has been a pioneer in the watchmaking industry for more than 150 years with its advanced watchmaking technology.
  For over 150 years, Omega has steadily occupied the vanguard position in the world’s watchmaking industry and has laid down remarkable achievements.
  In space, the Speedmaster Professional series is not only the only watch worn on the moon, but also helped rescue the Astronaut of the Sun God 13 and won the Snoopy Award from the Space Agency.
  1900 Paris World Expo. Under the Eiffel Tower, the Omega style series has won the highest honor awarded by the international jury for its outstanding performance, the famous Greek temple (Greek
Temple) is one of them.
In terms of sports, Omega is the designated timing device for the Olympic Games (including extremely accurate swimming and competitions) and the Auto Racing Team System Championship (CART) held in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan.
  In terms of technology and design, Omega not only has countless accurate records, but also has excellent design. It has pioneered a number of technologies, such as manufacturing the world’s first center tourbillon watch.
  In the world of Omega, only high-quality watches can be displayed in high-end windows in more than 130 countries. Celebrities are most proud of this watch, American supermodels Cindy Crawford, 007 Pierce Bruce South (Pierce
Brosnan), car king Michael Schumacher and Swiss tennis princess Martina Hingis
Hingis) chose to wear Omega.
Which of Longines and Omega is good, netizens comment
  Comment 1: Longines and Omega are not of the same grade at all. In terms of collection value, Omega is definitely one level higher than Longines, and its ability to maintain and increase value is even better. Longines have a lot of styles, suitable for young white-collar workers to wear, Omega’s novel style, exquisite workmanship, both have their own characteristics. But when it comes to value, it must be much higher. The price positioning of Longines is at the price of 5,000-15,000 yuan, while the price positioning of Omega is at the price of 10,000-100,000 yuan.
  Comment 2: Omega’s grade is higher than Longines. Its self-produced movement and polishing level are also higher than Longines. The range of choice is also larger. Personally, Omega is more attractive. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended Europe.
  Comment 3: You are too professional and you may not understand … In short, no matter the material brand movement added value … Longines can not compete with Omega … Since you have the ability to buy Omega, it must be on Omega … At this level of Longines, almost no one abroad will choose Longines .. Tudor TAG Heuer Emmys Bachelor Montblanc is on Longines … If you are interested, you can see … As for your budget to buy Omega, it is not bad … .However, about 20,000 Amy Heuer Breitling is also very good … but I feel that since I want to choose a watch of this class of Omega, young people with IWC and Rolex can only be considered as tasteful Omega. Well … including Hublot Jakarta Athens are also very good, but these are to increase the budget … more than 20,000 can’t buy
  Comment 4: Omega is a world-renowned brand, and Longines watches are not bad. They are all from Switzerland. From the perspective of cost performance, the cost performance of the Omega brand is better. Omega has a lot of series that are very popular with friends. If you want to say which brand buys more, Longines watches will be better than Omega. Many people now wear watches. The brand is not Omega or Longines. If you want to buy some good watches, you can consider Longines watches. I hope my answer can help you!
  Comment five: Omega is a second-class first-level watch, Longines is a second-class second-level watch. Omega watches start at around 20,000. Longines starts at around 7,000 yuan. Not a level. Longines is definitely selling more than Omega in China.
  Comment 6: Omega and Longines watches are produced by a group in Switzerland, but the performance of Omega watches is much better than Longines. In terms of scarcity, Omega belongs to each series and will not be produced after a certain amount is produced, so the value retention is better. In terms of appearance and price, Longines watches are the best-selling series in recent years. Both brands are good, but there are still many people buying Longines! Hope the answer I gave will help you a little! Thank you!
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The Symbol Of Perfection—the Twelve Rules Of The ‘geneva Mark’

The so-called Geneva Seal or Poinçon de Genève, in today’s marketing terms, can be said to be a quality assurance mark like ‘AMG nameplate’ or ‘Hand Made’. In that year, the watchmaking industry in Geneva in order to protect the watches and clocks produced in the Geneva area, to avoid watches made in other places or countries, and sold them with inferior products engraved with the name ‘Made in Geneva’, so in 1886 The Geneva Watch Association has established the “Geneva Law” (Ecole d’Horologerie et d’Electronique et d’informatique Section Poinçon de Genève rte du Pont-Butin 43 1213 Petit-Lancy Geneva Switzerland). After verification, the Geneva badge of the ‘Eagle and Key’ shield can be engraved on the movement’s splint. At present, there are twelve ‘Geneva Laws’, which have been revised many times so far to match the changing times.

Last year coincided with the 125th anniversary of its birth, the ‘Mark of Geneva’ has further improved its standards in response to the rapid development of watchmaking technology and the continuous innovation of materials. Since 2012, the ‘Geneva Mark’ is no longer only applicable to the movement, but also to the certification of the entire watch. The production of watch components, the watch production process and the inspection of finished watches will also form a systematic requirement. The standards are more stringent and must be performed by an independent agency in Geneva. After the movement has passed the test of the ‘Geneva Mark’ standard and obtained official certification, the authorities will still conduct regular surprise inspections of the company to ensure that the entire production process meets the requirements. The inspection will specifically check whether the assembly, adjustment and casing of the watch is actually carried out in Geneva, and also evaluate the quality of the production parts and assembly movement.

In addition to the movement, the new standard will be applied to the entire watch, so the case will be printed with the ‘Geneva mark’. The outer layer of the watch must also be inspected, especially for the components that connect the movement and the case, that is, the casing ring, plywood, tie rods and set screws, etc. to ensure that all parts must conform to the production process, and the finished product can be engraved with ‘Geneva Imprint ‘. But no matter how the standard changes, those twelve firm rules will never change. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1. The edges of all steel parts must be chamfered, sanded, and polished to make it as bright as a mirror. The edges and notches of all screw caps must be chamfered and polished. The screws must be polished flat or spherical.
2. The central hole of the ruby ​​must have an oil storage groove in the bell mouth, and be highly polished to prevent the oil from diffusing and losing, and the outer periphery of the ruby ​​must be concave and polished.

3. The balance head on the balance wheel must be fixed with a single head with a round neck, which can be freely slidable with a movable metal pressure plate, or an adjustable support screw is acceptable.
4. The fast and slow needles must be fixed and can be fine-tuned.

5. Mechanisms and parts such as pendulum splint, adjusting isochronous structure, fast and slow needles must meet the requirements of Rule 1.

6. The edges of the gear drive rings of all gear trains and their supporting beams must be chamfered, and the joints with the small teeth must be polished.

7. The steel tooth lobes of all gear trains, their cross sections, the ends of all axles, and their posts must be mirror polished.

8. The part where the escapement wheel locks the ruby ​​of the pallet fork must be polished, and the tip of the ruby ​​that pushes the pallet fork must be polished.

9. The positioning mechanism to stop the pallet fork must be restricted by the fixed splint.
10. All movements must be equipped with anti-vibration devices.

11. The ratchet and crown wheels of the above system structure must be made in accordance with the special regulations of the registered model, and the engagement between the small steel wheel and the large steel wheel must be polished.

12. Do not use springs bent by wire. The springs used for its parts must be cut and carved from the entire steel plate, polished and polished to make parts with elasticity and beautiful lines.
There are five guarantees for currently certified watches:

First, the exclusive guarantee, Switzerland produces 20 million watches every year, only 24,000 will only pass the ‘Geneva mark’ certification.

Second, performance guarantee. Each watch is individually inspected to ensure that its functionality, water resistance and accuracy meet certification standards.

Third, the guarantee of origin, the mechanical movement of watches certified by the ‘Geneva Seal’ must be manufactured, assembled and adjusted in the Canton of Geneva.

Fourth, the process guarantees that every part of the movement is manually polished and decorated by people, adhering to the traditional watchmaking process of Geneva.

Fifth: durability guarantee. After careful polishing, each part of the movement is extremely smooth, thus reducing friction and ensuring the durability of the watch.

Although this mark is strongly criticized for its regional exclusivity, most experts believe that this is the rigorous specification that can ensure that every watch is made with the best craftsmanship, technology and materials!

World’s Top Three ‘artifacts’

Among mainstream luxury watches, IWC is my favorite watch. I have bought several because of the high value of IWC, which is in line with my aesthetic. (I bought a 150th anniversary of Bo Tao this year. A friend wanted this watch the other day. I did n’t have the heart to give it to him. I still prefer iwc of). There are now 6 regular series and 1 limited series in the country. The six regular series are Portugal, Portofino, Da Vinci, engineer, pilot, and marine timepiece; one limited series is the 150th anniversary series. One of the great things about IWC is that both the entry-level IWC and the mid-to-high-end IWC are very popular, and there are watches worth buying at various prices. Today I want to tell you about the three ‘artifacts’ of IWC, Mark 18, Bai Taohong 60, and Marine Timepieces. These three watches are all cost-effective, wearable, playable, and can be made, and they have bloodlines. pure.

From left to right, Mark 18, Portofino three-pin, marine timepieces, three great artifacts for the introduction of IWC.
IWC 18, 31800
 IWC Mark is a watch that I like very much, and it is also a watch that IWC is very “conscientious in the industry”. Anyone familiar with the nations knows that the history of Mark can be traced back to the 1930s, and the first Mark was launched in 1936, Mark 9. The historical mark is a true military flight watch. It was originally designed to adapt to extreme flight conditions and has served in the British military (and some Commonwealth countries). Later, Mark turned to civilian use and gradually evolved into a luxury sports watch. From the time of Mark 9 in the 1930s to the present, there has been no epoch (because the numbers 13 and 14 are not good, so skip 13 and 14 and go directly from Mark 12 to Mark 15). What is currently on sale is the latest Mark Section, Mark 18.

IWC 18
 IWC’s ‘industry conscience’ is that IWC did not turn Mark into an ‘unreachable’ watch (as high as the price of Dafei), but instead used the well-known and famous series of Mark as the entry-level watch of IWC It’s easy for everyone to have, I think that’s great. After decades of evolution, the value of Mark 18 has become very high. Mark 18 uses large broad sword pointers, digital time scales, and the 12 o’clock position is a double-dot triangle mark, retaining the consistent characteristics of Mark in history. The calendar window at 3 o’clock is very suitable for daily use.

IWC 18
 Many flight watches are very popular nowadays. Mark 18 is restored to 40 mm size (Mark 17 is 41). 40 mm is a medium size. The thickness of the wrist and all kinds of clothes can be worn. The Mark 18’s case is heavily brushed. This is the standard sports case treatment and it is easier to cover up scratches. IWC entry-level watches mainly use general-purpose movements. Mark 18 uses the 35111 movement, which is the 2892 improved and polished by IWC (the SW300 movement is actually more convenient to understand). After the improvement of IWC 2892, 7750, I personally feel good and very accurate. In addition, the Mark 18 also has a magnetically shielded inner case. While increasing the antimagnetic capability of the watch, it also conforms to the historical characteristics of the IWC Mark flight watch.

IWC 18
IWC marine timepiece, public price 40400
 The Aquatimer is a relatively small watch in the IWC. Compared with Portugal, Portofino and Mark, the circulation is less. However, those familiar with the watch market will know that the recognition of IWC in the secondary market is still relatively high. The IWC Marine Timepiece is actually a very historical series. The IWC Marine Timepiece was first introduced in 1967. But similar to Rolex Daytona and Paul Newman, when it was first launched, there was no fire. The IWC Marine Timepiece started to slowly fire until 1998. In 2014, IWC introduced the latest version of the Ocean Timepiece, which is also currently on sale.

IWC Marine Timepiece
 IWC’s new marine timepiece is a watch that I am very interested in, because IWC’s new generation of ocean timepieces are very individual, look like a deep diving helmet, are unique, and include the unique diving watch technology of IWC. The biggest technical feature of IWC’s new generation of marine timepieces is its unique rotating bezel technology (official name, safe diving system). The new generation of IWC marine timepieces uses a rotating inner ring, but this rotating inner ring is controlled by the outer bezel. This bezel is very powerful, there is a clutch between the inner and outer bezels, the outer ring turns forward, the clutch engages, and the inner ring also follows forward; the outer ring turns backward, the clutch separates, and the inner ring does not move. So as long as you repeatedly rotate the outer ring back and forth, you can control the diving inner ring to rotate forward (counterclockwise). This design of IWC is to facilitate the divers to operate the rotating inner ring under the water or wearing gloves, without the hand leaving the watch, they can always control the inner ring to rotate forward. This technology is unique to IWC’s new marine timepieces.

IWC Marine Timepiece
 IWC’s new marine timepiece measures 42 mm in size, with huge luminous hands and luminous hour markers on the dial, and the luminous light is sharp. There is a calendar at 3 o’clock. The entry-level version of the IWC Marine Timepiece also uses a universal movement, namely the IWC 30120 movement, and the IWC improved 2892 movement. Because I am very interested in this watch, I deeply remembered that I had met two people wearing this watch in Beijing, one was at Spres Ole and the other was at Joy City in Chaoyang.

IWC Marine Timepiece
Portofino, IWC 33600
 IWC Portofino’s three-pin, commonly known as ‘Red 60’ (because the 60 at 12 o’clock is red). Red 60 is one of the hottest watches in the world, because the face value of this watch is really high. The history of the IWC Portofino series is not as long as that of the previous marks and marine timepieces. IWC Portofino was first introduced in 1984. The earliest design was based on a pocket watch in the 1970s. The watch was named after the Italian town of Portofino. Although Portofino’s history is not long in IWC, it is now one of the most popular watches in IWC.

IWC Portofino Big Three
 IWC Portofino ‘Red 60’ has a very high value. In IWC entry-level watches, Mark is a flight watch, marine timepiece is a diving watch, all sports watches, only Portofino Red 60 is a formal watch. . IWC Portofino Red 60 uses willow hands, three-dimensional bar-shaped hour markers, and 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock are three-dimensional Roman numerals. Calendar window at 3 o’clock. The iconic willow pointers are beautiful and highly recognizable. IWC steel case Portofino Red 60 is available in three versions: white plate silver needle, white plate gold needle, and black plate silver needle. They also use the universal movement, which is the IWC 35111 movement (same as Mark).

IWC Portofino Big Three
 We know that Russian President Putin once wore the IWC17. Not long ago, the Italian Prime Minister visited the United States. When meeting with US President Trump, it was photographed that the Italian Prime Minister was paired with IWC Portofino Red 60, which shows that IWC is also a watch often worn by foreign leaders.

The Italian Prime Minister (left) wears a three-pointer of Portofino.

Russian President Putin wears the IWC 17.
 IWC, Ocean Timepiece, Portofino, the biggest feature of the three watches is the high cost performance. The three watches have a public price of 30,000 to 40,000. The public price is reasonable. The three watches are very distinctive, covering the three major areas of flight, diving, and formal wear. At the same time, the face value is among the watches of the same level, which can be said to be the face value. Take it. If you consider the discount, exchange rate, secondary market and other factors, it is easy to get started. Mark, Portofino and the ‘National Leader Aura’ bonus. The three watches of IWC, both new and old players, are very suitable for playing and wearing.
 PS. As for the question of universal movements. What I want to say is that the big complicated watch, the four-digit perpetual calendar, and the tracking needle in the history of IWC are all transformed by 7750. IWC is a master of movement reformation. IWC has always been like this, so I do n’t think IWC has a universal movement what is the problem.

Mianmian Langge 18k White Gold Case With Blue Plate On The Table Real Shot

Watches & Wonders 2014 has begun. At this feast of watches and clocks with many new products, Lange has launched a pair of watches Lange 1 that can witness eternal love. 20th Anniversary watch set.

  This set consists of a Lange 1 and a LittleI Lange 1 with an elegant and balanced design. This watch includes a variety of styles. This article introduces the style of the 18K white gold case with the blue dial. The elegant atmosphere makes you feel a strong love.

   The two watches in the watch set are slightly different: Lange 1 and LittleI Lange 1 have diameters of 38.5 mm and 36.1 mm, respectively. The bezel of LittleI Lange 1 is set with 64 round diamonds, precious and charming.

Summary: The watch team’s special report team has also rushed to the Hong Kong Watch Fair to bring you the freshest and most intuitive watch information. For more details about the 2014 Hong Kong Watch Fair, please pay attention to our special report page. For more reports of this exhibition, please click the watch home watch exhibition topic:

Chopard Animal World Series: Bamboo Forest Cat Bear Watch

Chopard’s 150th Anniversary Animal World Series, full of original ingenuity and sublime craftsmanship, this group of beautiful and mysterious rare birds and animals transformed from nature, in Cannes, New York, in Morocco has shined. Chopard co-president and creative director Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele uses childlike imagination to outline 150 animal-themed works. The dazzling animal world series uses the most advanced manual techniques, and craftsmen are impeccable. The unmatched skills and endless creativity of designers have made these 150 unique and worthy collections.

    In the theme layout, Chopard carefully created a paradise. On the lonely branch full of ferns, you can see that the climbing lizard is living in peace; there are naughty dogs playing on the green lichen; treetop branches There are also cunning monkeys swaying … This is Chopard’s animal fantasy kingdom and a happy paradise for animals!
    In addition to animal jewelry traveling through the forest, Chopin specially invited Wang Xintian and Liu Zijun, who are known as Xiaolin Zhiling, to wear jewelry. Whether they are paired with wild catwoman shapes or elegant flowing fairies, they will fully reveal the personality of forest animals. Of course, The King of the Forest ‘Taishan’ is the indispensable protagonist of this jungle. This is a reunion full of childishness and joy.
‘Bamboo Forest Bear’ Watch
18K Rose Gold Material / Quartz Movement / Hour, Minute, Second Display / Mother-of-Pearl Face Plate /
35 diamonds in the frame: 3.50 carats / one diamond in the crown: 0.15 carats, three sliding diamonds: 0.3 carats /
Face plate 148 diamonds: 0.49 carats, one black diamond: 0.0 carats / limited to 25 pieces

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine Rose Gold Pocket Watch

In addition to the watch making, the designers, watchmakers, engineers and craftsmen of Vacheron Constantin also bear the responsibility of ‘recording history’. They interpret the representative works of different eras in the past through new works and show them. Watch trends of every age. Just like the first pocket watch created in 1755, injecting personal passion into watch creation is the key to showing the style of the work.

 There is no doubt that Vacheron Constantin’s brand style is derived from the traditional historical value accumulated over 250 years. It integrates the brand’s unique creative ideas, while also referring to the current era and fashion trends. Different products have their own characteristics, which are not only reflected in watch works, but also the latest pocket watch styles, which have passed the brand’s creative spirit of continuously surpassing itself and actively inheriting history in terms of sophisticated and complicated functions, design, and details. These represent the creative spirit of Vacheron Constantin today-inheriting its proud heritage and traditions, and continuing to bring high-quality and elegant watches to watch lovers.

 A few days ago, Vacheron Constantin retraced the past and the golden age of pocket watches, and launched the Patrimony Contemporaine rose gold pocket watch with pure, classic and timeless design. The pocket watch inherits all the style elements of the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine series, such as the neat and exquisite silver-plated milky dial and the polka dot minute scale. The 5N 18K pink gold case is 43mm in diameter and the case back is transparent. You can admire Vacheron Constantin’s wonderful hand-wound caliber 4400. The movement has the Geneva mark on it, which is close to the movement used by VC Historiques American 1921. However, the Caliber 4400 does not have a second hand, and other specifications are the same.

Swatch Group Sales Increase By 14% In 2012

The world’s largest watch group, the Swatch Group reported that sales rose 14% last year, and performed strongly globally. Compared with 2011, total group sales last year, including watch brands Omega, Breguet, Longines and Tissot and jewelry brand Tiffany, rose 14% to 8.14 billion Swiss francs.

Swatch Group invested heavily in 2012 to promote its brand Omega as an official timer
The watch and jewelry division performed particularly well, with total sales up 15.6% to CHF 7.297 billion. The report shows that almost all brands have double-digit growth, including in regions outside Greater China. Swatch will release further important data next month. It is said that despite the high marketing expenses of the 2012 London Olympics-its watch brand Omega is the official timer, it is still looking forward to rising profits.
The Biswatch Group still maintained a good development in 2013. The group said that the first 10 days of January showed a positive growth trend.

Sun Yan Unveiled Movado Beijing Macau Center New Store Opening

December 15, 2012, ‘Beijing’-MOVADO, a well-known Swiss watch brand known for its ‘simple and modern aesthetics,’ held a grand opening of the new store and Movado in the Beijing Macau Center. The launch celebration of the ‘Selena Series’ watch vividly interprets the brand’s unique personality and design style, and interprets the essence of the brand. Mr. Fabrice Poch, President of Movado Asia Pacific, Mr. Peng Jianjia visited the scene and unveiled the new store and the latest watch of Beijing Macau Center together with Ms. Sun Yan, the spokesperson for the Greater China region, and opened a new chapter for Movado.

   Since its establishment in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1881, Movado has established a reputation for innovative design, and has obtained more than 100 patents and more than 200 for the artistry and innovation of its watch designs. International awards. Committed to superb Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and extraordinary design, persistent exploration and hard work on watch art is the source of Movado’s continuous development and the brand philosophy that the brand has been upholding since its inception.

The 130-year history of Symphony Vatican flows quietly. The latest series of watches exudes unique charm, the perfect fusion of history and modernity, which embodies the true meaning of Movado’s ‘perpetual motion’ brand. Movado’s Ruh red automatic series with moon phase display in 2012-Planisphere and Skymap, Cerena Cerena series showing femininity and femininity, the first men’s concerto Concerto automatic watch, and avant-garde Luma Luma Collection and the Museum Sport collection, which combines modern watchmaking aesthetics and advanced technology. A series of unique style watches, adhering to the artistic aesthetics and innovation heritage, focusing on the future of watches and clocks, unique, outstanding, can be called a model of modernist design.

The Movado image counter unveiled this time is located in the landmark Macao Center in the Wangfujing business district in Beijing. The counter follows the brand’s consistent style: black and white as the design concept and black oak as the main material; its modern image and simple design are the same as Movado’s unique watch design style; elegant and comfortable display design is fully displayed Chic luxury brings customers a home away from home shopping experience. This counter is specially designed for the Chinese market, which reflects the brand’s full attention to the Chinese market.

On the day of the event, Ms. Sun Yan, the image ambassador of Movado Greater China, appeared with affection, purity and wisdom, giving Sun Yan a unique feminine charm, exuding a calm, restrained, exquisite and elegant temperament from the inside out, and highly consistent with the Movado brand concept. As one of the country’s most watched actresses, Sun Yi not only shines in many film and television works, but also set a new high in history. In Zhen Zhuan, his skillful acting skills are well recognized by the audience. His friendly, elegant and confident temperament More popular. ‘I have always been a loyal fan of Movado watches,’ she said. ‘Movado is very much in line with my personal taste. As the brand’s image spokesperson, I feel honored and hope to join hands with Movado in the future. Continuing the classic legend. ‘Now Sun Yan, with his eyes full of mature and unique feminine charm, wearing Movado’s 2012 new white ceramic Serena Cerena wrist to show the scene, instantly became the focus of media attention, wrist The watch is also infused with the essence of life and female beauty, and exudes a natural and noble, artistic charm.
As a new masterpiece of Movado in 2012, this Cerena series watch is a women’s watch that combines innovation and modern beauty. It debuted at the Basel 2012, condensing glory. In the design of the dial, Serena not only continued Movado’s simple and elegant style, but also gave the iconic museum dial a new visual presentation, showing the classic and elegant extraordinary charm. Inheriting the classics of the brand, incorporating leading innovative design elements, and the clever use of ceramic materials, the Movado Cerena Cerena series watches display a low-key and simple natural temperament.
摩 Movado has always been a model of innovative design. In 1988, Movado specially invited Pop Art Master Andy Warhol to design a limited edition watch specifically for Movado, which marked the birth of Movado’s ‘Artist Series’ watches. . Since then, Movado has successively invited James Rosenquist, Max Bill, Kenny Scharf and other most influential masters of the 20th century to continue Movado ‘ Artist Series. ‘ In 2011, Movado joined hands with fashion designer Chris Benz, who won the special honor of the American Fashion Designers Association (CFDA), to launch a limited edition Porter Bold series watch, giving the iconic museum dial design a new and unique interpretation. In the same year, Movado specially invited the internationally renowned dancer Huang Doudou to go to the legendary journey of art. So Doudou performed a dance inspired by the dial of the Movado Museum as a creative inspiration, using his body to express his understanding of the beauty of time and life. Movado’s artistic concept fits perfectly. At the same time, Movado also served as the main sponsor of many art organizations including the New York City Ballet, the Miami Municipal Ballet, the Lincoln Performing Arts Center, the John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center, and the Barisinnikov Art Center. The relationship between Movado and art goes beyond that. Designed by renowned architect Philip Johnson, the Movado Time Sculpture stands in front of Lincoln Center, and the Movado Future Legend specially established by Movado to recognize and support potential new artists (Future Legend) awards, all symbolizing Movado’s persistent pursuit of art.
Movado will, as always, perfectly inherit history, tirelessly develop and lead the contemporary watch design style, take art as inspiration, adhering to the advanced Swiss watchmaking technology, show its unique flashy charm, and highlight its unique brand style.

Football Fever Hublot Limited Edition

Men with football memories will never forget the name Maradona, so when Hublot launched this ‘Big Bang’ Maradona limited edition, there must be some men Dark in my heart, I feel that there are good goods to accept.
    The matte black ceramic case surrounds the black dial, which is engraved with the blue signature of Diego Maradona, and his lucky number-number 10 can be seen at 3 o’clock. The hands and seconds, as well as the 45-minute chronograph at 9 o’clock (which can be measured from half to full) are also in the same blue.
    The alligator strap is stitched with matching stitching. The caseback is engraved with a portrait of the legendary Argentine star-Maradona’s iconic arm-stretching V-shaped victory pose. I know you can’t wait to start.