Color Philosophy That Catches Your Eyes. Bulzell Carl F. Bucherer Signature Marley Dragon Series

CARL F. BUCHERER Since the acquisition of the Technologys Hologeres Applicquees SA workshop was integrated into CARL F. BUCHERER Techniques, it began to invest in the development of movements to strengthen the brand’s watchmaking strength. A home-made movement, CFB 1000, was launched in 2008. The A1000 movement continues the excellent design of the Swiss movement, and at the same time breaks away and creates a new pattern of movement. The avant-garde technological sense of the movement structure makes it highly recognizable.

In addition, Bucherer develops special structures to strengthen the essence of the movement, the most impressive of which is the rare Peripheral Winding Rotor. The ring-shaped automatic disc rotates along the edge of the movement, which allows people to glimpse the movement’s style without being blocked by the rotating automatic disc. The movement uses a two-way winding design, which reduces power consumption through a set of clutch rollers to enhance winding efficiency. The Bucherer’s in-house movement team has made it come to a variety of fantasy watches and series, such as the Maliron series, Plavi series, Edmar series, Bai Di Shi and Arica series, all of which have become available on the market. Work on word of mouth. The Bucherer Marie Dragon watch with a new appearance is a representative work of the brand to inject more new ideas into men’s formal watches.

In 2008, Bucherer released the brand’s first self-made movement, the A1000. The biggest feature is the rare automatic dial design

Delicate craftsmanship in bright colors
The Bucherer Marie Dragon watch is shown in two eye-catching colors, blue and green, and its debut at the Basel Watch Fair has successfully attracted everyone’s attention. In recent years, blue has set off a popular whirlwind in the watch industry, washing almost every major brand. The Bucherer Marion Long Edge Watch has a gradual color effect. Whether it is a blue or green dial, it changes from light to dark from the center to the edge. The production process is more complicated than a single color. Show the brand’s watchmaking industry’s superb color technology. To keep the blooming visual effect uninterrupted, both watches are paired with the same tone leather strap. In addition to the beautiful gradient color dial, the clear dial layout design is another intimate design of the Bucherer Marion Long Edge Watch, simple two hands, big date, day, power reserve, clear small seconds, It is neatly distributed in all corners of the faceplate, providing excellent reading effect for the wearer. The power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock shows the design of the car’s oil meter, which clearly shows the power that the current watch movement can provide, reminding the watch owner to keep the time of the watch winding, 55 hours long The effective power reserve is also sufficient to meet the power required for daily wear, and the overall performance of the watch is excellent and convenient.

Marion Long Edge Watch

Stainless steel material / CFB A1011 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, big date, day of the week display / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 30 meters / diameter 42.5mm / limited 188 pieces Price: 83,000 RMB
Shuangqiang joint technology anti-counterfeiting technology
The watch’s outstanding appearance is equipped with the brand’s self-made CFB A1011 automatic winding movement. This movement, which extends from the brand’s first CFB A1000 self-made movement, also covers the brand’s multiple patented technologies, such as the ring-shaped automatic disc and the high-performance Dynamic Shock Absorption power shock developed by Bucherer. Solve the problem of ring-shaped automatic winding. For this reason, the Marion Long Edge Dynamic Storage Watch can provide 55 hours of long-term kinetic energy in one fell swoop. It is worth mentioning that the A1011 movement has another unique anti-counterfeiting function design. Bao Qilai specially invited Mimotec SA to cooperate and sign the movement with a unique laser engraving. This technology requires precise calculation and nano engineering. , Plating, laser engraving and other processes, and can not be seen by the naked eye, the brand logo must be reflected through the light of the laser pen, to achieve the most comprehensive protection for limited models and patented movements. Taking a look at all aspects of the performance of the Bao Qilai Marion Long Edge watch, whether it is the special treatment of the face plate details or the brand-made self-winding movement, it is a high-quality watch that integrates all the watchmaking characteristics of the brand. A watch not to be missed by wearers seeking unique taste.

Mali Long flyback chronograph 2018 new stainless steel case with black face style, with CFB 1970 chronograph movement, is a practical work for all occasions

Maliron flyback chronograph
And another watch that also proves the strength of Bucherer’s watchmaking is a flyback chronograph of the same series. The watch was launched in 2016, and in 2017 it was ushered in a new color change. The first Mali Long flyback chronograph is a rose gold case with a white surface, plus the flyback chrono shape is full of classic tone, and complement each other with rose gold. Subsequent models have successively brought three new colors of black, champagne gold and blue-gray. The first two color dials are matched with a rose gold case, and the blue-gray is a stainless steel case. The overall configuration makes the watch look trendy. In sports wind. The 18K rose gold model is equipped with a matte black dial, the slightly concave 9 o’clock small seconds hand and the 30 o’clock 30-minute timer are balanced. Together with the speedometer scale on the edge of the dial, the levels are clear.

Li Bingbing, the global spokesperson for Bucherer, wears a blue-gray Maliron flyback chronograph to explain his personality

Easily record every moment
The design of the Mali Long flyback chronograph rose gold echoes the new brand image of Bucherer. The electroplated dial blooms bright champagne colors, and the case tone perfectly matches the hands and ten time scales. After many changes, the watch has always been equipped with its own CFB1970 automatic winding movement, with a power reserve of 42 hours, which proves its strong and stable performance. The watch’s timing function is controlled by a timing gear, and it is also equipped with a flyback timing function, which can quickly execute multiple timing programs continuously. The difference between the flyback chronograph and the ordinary chronograph is that it can continue the timing without pressing the zero reset button. As long as the chronograph button is pressed, the central chronograph second hand starts to move, and then press the zero reset button again. Will instantly return to the twelve o’clock position, and start to continue timing. Compared with the ordinary chronograph, you must press the stop and reset button to start another new chronograph item. Compared with the traditional chronograph, the Bucherer Marie Long flyback chronograph is not only solid, convenient and stable.

Marly Long flyback chronograph launches three new color dials of champagne, black and blue-gray. The blue-gray dial’s hour markers and running hands are presented in silver of the same color as the watch. The three chronograph hands are decorated in white. Color matching is younger

After successively changing into new colors and new clothes, the Mali Long flyback chronograph, the classic design of the watch, regardless of any color can still collide with freshness. Recently, the brand has added stainless steel black-faced design models to the series, which has once again expanded the popularity of the Mali Long flyback chronograph among young people, making people happy that the series welcomes more new styles.

Maliron flyback chronograph

Stainless steel material / CFB 1970 automatic movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 43mm / reference price: 70,000

Frozen Legend: Audemars Piguet’s Extraordinary Choice

When the winter beauty of Vallée de Joux falls, time and nature have slowed down in this season, but they are eternally moving, just like the beauty of an Audemars Piguet ticker. Rhythm. The Ru Valley, known as ‘Little Siberia’, has experienced thousands of years, and the seasons have changed. The unparalleled beauty of the winter is as always, never changed: the snow-covered pine forests, the streams flowing over the moss and ice-covered rocks, quiet and distant, and gushing Moving with vigorous power, it is this wonderful natural scenery that breeds infinite treasures of time. From time to time, Audemars Piguet watchmakers have created masterpieces of timepieces in such a pure and independent environment. They will persist and inherit unique insights and perfect interpretations of aesthetic design, watchmaking craftsmanship and manual retouching. Therefore, every Audemars Piguet timepiece is a masterpiece with a heritage value, with a permanent core and passion. Audemars Piguet chooses rich masterpieces to pay tribute to the legendary winter of Ru Valley, and hopes that the new year’s scenery will be extraordinary.
Winter Moon-Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series Perpetual Calendar Watch

 Perpetual calendar is one of Audemars Piguet’s specialties in the field of complication as the most representative complication of time mysteries. The new Royal Oak series perpetual calendar watch is driven by the patented ultra-thin Calibre 5134 self-winding self-produced movement, which accurately displays the various functions of the perpetual calendar function: date, week, month, leap year, astronomical accurate moon phase, and 52-week weekly calendar display. Silver or blue ‘Grande Tapisserie’ large checkered dial, showing the long history of the complex function of the perpetual calendar, but also carry the eternal and ever-changing time. The moon phase display disk is made by laser process engraving and depositing on aventurine material, which is reminiscent of the bright moon in the deep night sky in the winter of Ru Valley, clear and clear.
Cold As Steel-Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph & Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Women’s Watch

 In 1972, during the ‘cold winter’ of the Swiss watch industry, Audemars Piguet introduced the steel into the hall of luxury watches in the spirit of avant-garde-the launch of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series watches, which became a revolutionary innovation in the history of horology. The seemingly unpolished steel was polished in the hands of Audemars Piguet’s watchmakers with the only decorative and polished process of precious metals, blooming an unparalleled unique light. The unique octagonal bezel, plus eight hexagonal platinum screws, requires the watchmaker to complete 70 manual retouching procedures to achieve the perfect contrast of bevel polishing and straight matte brushing. The decreasing width of the stainless steel band is another challenge beyond the case: only the 138 corners can be polished by hand to create a sharp and detailed Royal Oak series strap.
 The three sub-dial designs of the Royal Oak chronograph have been integrated into the original design of Gérald Genta since the 1970s. The black “Grande Tapisserie” large dial is decorated with gold Royal Oak hands and timepieces. Standard, and the stainless steel case and strap create a harmonious design style, equipped with Calibre 2385 self-winding self-produced movement. The Royal Oak women’s watch is set with 40 round-cut diamonds (approximately 0.73 carats in total), which is even brighter against the polished octagonal bezel. The silver “Grande Tapisserie” large checkered dial and diamonds complement each other. , Like the bright light refracted by the winter sun on snow and ice.
Ice Crystal-Audemars Piguet Millennium Women’s Watch & Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Automatic

 Winter ice is the magical work of nature and time. It is crystal clear like a diamond and reflects the unforgettable bright light in the sun. In the hands of Audemars Piguet watchmakers, perfect cut diamonds give a mechanical watch a unique femininity, which also represents the heritage and innovation of design aesthetics and watchmaking technology.
 The unique Millenary Millennium collection of oval-shaped watches was born in 1995, and aims to welcome the arrival of the millennium with innovative and original designs. The millennial series is surrounded by eccentric design and architectural aesthetics, bringing a fresh and unique masterpiece, interpreting the wearer’s unique and eclectic personality: eccentric hour and minute dials combined with gem inlays, combining advanced watchmaking technology with traditional inlays The ingenious combination of craftsmanship makes the unique look of the millennial women’s watch. The oval-shaped movement specially designed for the oval case uses an independent balance wheel and a splint design, and you can see the beauty of the movement from the dial.
 Whether it is a diamond-set case or a pavé-set diamond dial, the glamorous brilliance of the Royal Oak automatic winding watch can be reflected in the timeless design. The fine watchmaking tradition and exquisite diamond setting craftsmanship are perfectly combined in this watch with 152 bright and beautiful diamonds, writing a dazzling luxury melody.
Winter Sun-Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Gold

 Winter sunshine, like gold, emits warm and natural light. The Royal Oak series gold watch embodies wealth and power, and reflects the breakthrough innovation of fine watchmaking technology and aesthetic design: the internal details represent the rigorous level of fine watchmaking, and the external design can be regarded as the pinnacle of contemporary art. Sanding, polishing, ingenuity and hands create breathtaking micro-arts, great details. The prestigious Audemars Piguet craftsmanship stems from the love and focus on beauty and art. These endless efforts and ingenious craftsmanship make each Royal Oak Gold watch a distinctive gold color, gentle but memorable, with the angle of light and shadow more refracting mysterious and wise light.
 Audemars Piguet’s iconic ‘Tapisserie’ checkered dial, as well as the hands and inlaid hour markers unique to the Royal Oak series, show Audemars Piguet’s accomplishments in aesthetic design and exquisite craftsmanship. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series gold watch perfectly combines two legends of fine watchmaking and precious metal materials, creating a new source of creativity for traditional classics.
Freezing Water-Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph

 Water and ice alternate in two forms in winter, recording the passage of time. The resolute and sturdy Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph, like ice, features a rose gold case with a black ceramic crown and chronograph buttons for a contrasting personality design. The Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph for Women, with a newly designed silver “Lady Tapisserie” checkered dial to give the watch a softer tone. The octagonal diamond bezel and white rubber strap portray women as water Flexible and elegant power.

Breguet, A Watchmaker From 1775. Abraham-louis Breguet’s Life And Legacy ‘second Edition

In this unique publication, the author Emmanuel Breguet describes his ancestor Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747-1823) The life of a great watchmaker and his extraordinary work, and introduced the new look of Montres Breguet Breguet Watches and clocks under the leadership of Marc A. Hayek, President and CEO of Breguet, today. One chapter is dedicated to Mr. Nicolas G. Hayek, founder of the Swatch Group, who served as the brand leader from 1999 to 2010, paying tribute to his great contribution.

   The work was first published in 1997 as a classic, and soon ceased printing. This latest edition complements many new photos, illustrations and additional leaflets of classic timepieces from the Breguet Museum collection since 2000.

   This unparalleled literary work takes readers closer to the life of Abraham-Louis Breguet. He made a difficult start in France, was promoted to be the watchmaker of the French king, and then went through the French Revolution before the restoration of the Bourbon Dynasty The post-empire period. These stories show the image of a great inventor, an artist who is constantly innovating, and an entrepreneur whose work is known throughout Europe and the world.

   Breguet, a watchmaker from 1775. The second edition of Abraham-Louis Breguet (Breguet, Watchmakers since 1775. The life and legacy of Abraham-Louis Breguet) will be available in Breguet stores around the world.
   26.5 x 27.5 cm (Hardcover 27 x 29 cm), 452 pages, 512 illustrations, 2.6 kg, suggested price (tax included): 130 Swiss francs or 120 euros.

Marketing In Transition After-sales Service Becomes A Selling Point For Watchmakers

The aftermarket center is usually not as popular as the specialty stores, but it is very important for each watch company. Chopard and Patek Philippe have now turned their aftermarket centers into marketing resources.

 ‘As luxury brand companies land in first-tier cities, this will help to greatly enhance their brand image,’ said Matt Jacobson, director of social networking site Facebook market development, who is also a Rolex. Obsessed collector with Patek Philippe watches.

 Jacobson cited the sales model of the Apple Store: If an Apple Outlet Store cannot ensure a good customer experience, the other party will not buy Apple products; for retailers, this experience and Product shipping to buyers is quite different. ‘I prefer to give the watch to customers in person, rather than by mail,’ he said.

 The reason behind the watch maker’s ‘customer experience’ is simple. Normally, after-sales service has to send the watch to Geneva, and the whole process usually takes several months. Repairs range from simple maintenance (such as general inspection or finishing) to comprehensive maintenance (that is, overhaul of the most critical precision mechanical device of the watch).

 In the past, sending Patek Philippe watches from the United States to Geneva usually took three months.

 Maintaining expensive watches is expensive, but this does not seem to discourage customers. ‘Customers rarely complain about the repairs we report. What they complain about is that they want to wear their watches back sooner,’ said Larry Pettinelli, Patek Philippe’s president of the United States.

 To address these issues, Patek Philippe’s U.S. subsidiary Henri Stern Watch Agency leased a 33,000-square-foot, 15-year-old facade at Rockefeller Plaza in New York to sell the U.S. The store area has more than doubled.

 ‘The more we set up our repairs in the local market, the more satisfied our customers and retailers will be, and they will no longer complain about why minor problems take three months,’ Pettinelli said.

 The U.S. aftermarket is the largest repair center outside Geneva and can accommodate 40 watch manufacturers (Patek Philippe has 19 aftermarket locations in the United States).

 Chopard also set up a 11,000-square-foot service center in Coral Gables, a suburb of Miami, USA last year, which can meet the growing US watch market maintenance services, including those that had to be mailed to Special watch for repair in Switzerland.

 Chopard’s co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele said the service center is a useful complement to Manhattan’s existing maintenance department and will double the speed of Chopard watch repairs in the United States.

 This measure is part of the company’s five-year plan and is the result of a customer questionnaire. The feedback information of the questionnaire is that the after-sales service satisfaction is not high. ‘Our after-sales service makes sense, but it’s not good,’ he said. ‘It’s not easy to make a decision to set up an aftermarket in the United States. It is both a cultural change and a fundamental change in philosophy.’

 Retaining customers is the top priority, especially in the US market. Chopard’s business has grown steadily over the past 10 years, and after-sales service has become a big selling point.

 Schaefer said the company’s global turnaround time has been reduced by 11-12 days. ‘Nothing is more powerful than customers talking about their extraordinary experience,’ he said.

 American collector Chris Barry has bought his second Chopard watch, in part because he is very satisfied with the company’s after-sales service. ‘I don’t think I’m just a general customer,’ said the 30-year-old sales manager from New Jersey. After each after-sales service, the warranty period of his watch is extended by one year, but he values ​​more the personalized service he enjoys. This intimacy is crucial for watch makers, as they try to keep these young customers, who will ‘upgrade’ and buy higher-end watches.

 ‘Customers usually think of after-sales service when the warranty period or mechanical failure occurs, but when there is a problem, the after-sales service is close at hand and it feels very warm,’ Barry added. ‘This will eliminate the negative effects of watch collection a little bit and gradually increase customer satisfaction.’

 In the United States alone, about 9,000-10,000 Patek Philippe watches are repaired every year. The company will arrange its own retailer to visit the entire after sales center (which covers nearly 9,000 square feet). The finale for VIP customers and other public relations activities is usually a visit to the after sales center.

 The reception area is dedicated to the introduction of Patek Philippe watches: interactive wall panels focus on Patek Philippe’s long history, while the video broadcasts the entire after-sales service process of the watch live.

 But promises for the future are also losing money. ‘This investment has no direct return,’ Pettinelli said. ‘The real rewards are increased credibility and increased customer satisfaction.’

 ‘Every year we hope that after-sales service can achieve a break-even; we always lose money.’ But he added: ‘If the after-sales service does not meet the high expectations of customers, you cannot sell more watches.’

 John Reardon, senior vice president of Christie’s watch auction department in New York, previously worked at Patek Philippe in the United States, and he confirmed that the investment after sale is important to the company.

 Last December, the finale of the New York Important Watches auction was an auction of an 18k Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph. This watch was manufactured in 1960. Patek Philippe took good care of it, and finally sold it for $ 725,000.

 Patek Philippe watches maintain auction records, thanks in large part to the company’s service-oriented tenet for every watch produced since the company was founded in 1839. ‘The reward is to protect the historical heritage of Patek Philippe watches and These precious watches are passed down from generation to generation. ‘

Shao Wang’s Poetry Is Poetic Three Moon Phase Watch Recommendations

From ancient times to the present, moon phases have been the inspiration of human creation, and the acacia is the pinnacle of it. From the new moon of ‘Yangliu Shore Xiaofeng Remnant Moon’, to the ‘moon top of the willow’ full moon; from the first quarter moon of ‘Wu Luo Wu Chuang Shuang Tian’, to the second quarter moon of ‘Moonrise Shock Mountain Bird’ Profits and losses affect the thoughts of people in every era. The moon phase is not only the source of inspiration for poetry creation, but watchmakers also look to the moon for changes in the absent circle. Applying this inspiration to watches has become a complex function.
Blancpain Classic 6639-3631-55B

Domestic public price: 315,000 RMB
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Watch thickness: 13.07 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: RMB
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Watch thickness: 9.9 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K yellow gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: QSE1 automatic winding movement, the movement consists of 236 parts, which can provide about 45 hours of power reserve.
Jacques Dross Star Collection J012633202

Domestic public price: 250,500 RMB
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Watch thickness: 12.44 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: jaquetdroz / 23874 /
Watch Comments: This moon phase watch by Jacques Dro is unique, showing the moon phase profit and loss in a more special form. At 6 o’clock on the dial, surrounded by 8 rose gold three-dimensional stars, rose gold is applied. Three-dimensional full moon with black bezel. The watch features a 43mm 18K rose gold case with a black glazed enamel dial with date numerals printed on the edge of the black dial, the date indicated by a central hand, and a day and month display window at 12 o’clock. This watch is equipped with Jacques Dro Cal.6553L2 automatic winding movement, the watch can provide 68 hours of power reserve and 30 meters water resistance.
Summary: No matter how the moon phases are displayed, the picturesque moon is presented on the watch in its most beautiful appearance. The watchmakers of the above three watches anthropomorphized the moon, creating cute and interesting faces, surrounded by stars, and each state of the moon phase was a poem.

Carl F. Bucherer Brand Story (3): Revolutionary Achievement Of Cfb A1000 Homemade Movement Series

Boullet’s insistence on beautiful watches and perfect creations is fully presented in the brand’s first homemade movement CFB A1000 design, and continues to follow the self-made A1001, A1002 and A1003. On the movement. At the beginning, Bucherer chose to create a unique, self-made movement with a revolutionary breakthrough design, in line with the brand’s philosophy of technological innovation, sophisticated complexity and strong individual design.
The CFB A1000 movement uses many of the fine traditions of Swiss movements, such as fine-tuning, horse-style escapement and jewel bearings; its advanced movement design is transparent from the bridge, horse and other components; this machine The core not only has reliable quality, but its platform design also considers the scalability of additional performance. In addition, Bucherer also gathered four extraordinary ideas on this movement, such as power storage display and annual calendar.

 In 2008, Bucherer announced the brand’s first fully-manufactured movement, the CFB A1000, which was officially promoted to the ranks of home-made movements. The CFB A1000 movement represents Carl F. Bucherer’s high-quality technology and the spirit of traditional manual watchmaking. The bridges and puppets in various parts are cut or polished with diamonds. Repeated modifications must meet the high quality requirements And perfect presentation.

Four innovative achievements of the CFB A1000 automatic movement series
1. Peripheral winding rotor
 Ever since the automatic movement, the position of the automatic winding disc has been a problem for watchmakers seeking perfection. Looking back at the history of watch manufacturing, there are four main types of automatic dial positions. The most common is to place it in the center. The disadvantage is that it will cover part of the movement so that it cannot fully appreciate the beauty of the movement. In addition, it is difficult to install new features next to the automatic disc. Position, but it has the same disadvantages as the central automatic disk; the third is to use a micro-rotor (Micro-Rotor) into the movement. To achieve sufficient winding power, the automatic disc is usually heavy, but it increases friction and weakens the shock resistance of the movement. The last and rarest design used in the CFB A1000 movement, the automatic disc is placed on the movement’s The edge swings in a rotating manner. It also has two advantages: the central automatic disk kinetic energy is transmitted to the entire movement, and the micro-small automatic disk does not cover the entire picture of the movement.
 The new peripheral automatic disc developed by Bao Qilai has been patented. It is equipped with ball bearings made of precision ceramics, and the balls and automatic discs of the ball bearings are coated with DCL diamond coating. It has the characteristics of being processed at a temperature of ℃, and its hardness is more than 2000 Vickers, which is several times that of stainless steel.

 Bucherer’s CFB A1000 series of automatic winding movements are equipped with a peripheral automatic winding rotor and a new high-efficiency shock absorber, which effectively prevents the automatic disk from swinging around the periphery under high impact conditions and causing wear on sensitive bearings.

2.Dynamic Shock Absorption
 In the past, the biggest shortcoming of the peripheral automatic disc was that the shock absorption performance was not good. Bucherer spared no effort to overcome and develop a high-performance Dynamic Shock Absorption dynamic shock absorber. The ball bearing / bearing assembly of the A1000 movement is embedded in a spring pony, and the pony is set by a cam. Its balance wheel and bearing end are equipped with Inga 100 shock absorbers, which can withstand slight vibration at the end. When the transmission wheel transmits the power of the automatic disc to the mainspring, the power shock absorber can exert the highest efficiency to ensure that the shaft center will not break during a violent impact. In addition, the bridge plate is equipped with special screws, which can prevent the automatic tray from being improperly displaced due to a heavy blow on the back cover.

Third, bidirectional winding
Another outstanding design of the A1000 movement is the automatic winding device, which can be powered in both directions. Because the automatic disc is equipped with a pair of clutch rollers, they can interact to minimize the power loss during winding. Although this principle is simple, it is a very reliable design that does not require lubrication or regular maintenance.

 Bucherer has created a center balance dual fine adjustment system (CDAS), a fine adjustment system for balance wheel, which can be adjusted in one simple step.

4. Central Dual Adjusting System (CDAS)
 The heart and soul of any mechanical watch lies in the combination of balance and balance spring of the escapement, so Carl F. Bucherer has another patented innovative design-CDAS-center double adjustment device. This outstanding adjustment is that its balance wheel and escapement need only be adjusted once to withstand any collision. However, in order to ensure the long-term warranty of this device, only the authorized service center of Bucherer has special tools to make precise adjustments.

 Patravi EvoTec DayDate watch released in 2009, stainless steel case, diameter 44 x 44.5 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date, week display, CFB A1000 automatic movement, power reserve 55 hours, alligator Strap.

 CFB A1000 self-winding movement, diameter 30 mm, thickness 4.3 mm, horse-style escapement, 21600 vibrations per hour, power reserve 55 hours.

2012 Basel Mido Perfect Series Reproduce Classic Architecture Art

Classic buildings have been baptized by time, but it is precisely because of ‘creativity’ that they leave a dazzling light in the history of human civilization, as is the case in the ancient Roman arena. In 2002, when the designer of Mido watch set foot in the Roman arena and hovered on the dappled stone steps, the immortal building coincided with Mido’s “inspiration to create eternity” watchmaking concept, an inspiration The arena-designed wristwatch was born. This is the perfect series of Mido. In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the birth of the perfect series, Mido launched a limited edition of 1,000 perfect series watches. This watch draws inspiration from classic architecture and pays homage to the immortal Rome; the Swiss Observatory certified movement guarantees its accurate travel time, the chassis is engraved with the embossed pattern of the arena. Perfectly presented on the wrist, the infinite time legend is interpreted with a limited number of watches.
 With a flick of a finger, ten years have passed. The immortal inspiration drawn in the Colosseum ten years ago has made the perfect series of Swiss Mido a classic in people’s minds. The legend created by the perfect series in ten years continues to write a new chapter on the tenth anniversary. The perfect series of Swiss Mido inherits the original original concept with unparalleled design methods, making the limited edition watch for the immortal dream architecture. Accurate interpretation of what is coming out.
 The Perfection 10th Anniversary Limited Edition is equipped with an automatic movement certified by the Observatory for precise timing. So whether it is an admirer of watchmaking, or a person who appreciates Swiss tradition and know-how, this watch can meet their wishes. This limited edition model is uniquely engraved with the embossed pattern of the Colosseum at the back.
 The perfect series 10th anniversary limited edition watch has a case diameter of 42 mm. The shape of the case is reminiscent of the extraordinary ideas of the arena architects. The bezel edge is narrowed to maximize the use of visible space and make readings very convenient. . The anthracite gray dial is decorated with satin-finished sunlight rays; the undulating and grandstand and box design on the dial mimics the internal structure of the Roman Arena. The Roman numerals and hands are decorated with the attractive beauty of orange and Super‑LumiNova®, which makes reading time more convenient at night. The double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror makes the readings very clear. The use of the screw-type handlebar strengthens the waterproof function, making it waterproof to 100 meters.
 The satin-finished and polished stainless steel strap is integrated with the watch body, perfectly presenting the classics of the Roman era on the wrist, creating an immortal art legend between the wrists.

Technical Information
ETA 2836-2 Observatory-certified automatic mechanical movement, 11.5, 25.60 mm, thickness 5.05mm, 25 diamonds, 28,800 swings / hour, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE anti-vibration system, NIVAFLEX NM mainspring, ANACHRON hairspring, GLUCYDUR balance. The carefully crafted movement is decorated with blue screws, and the automatic oscillating weight carefully sculpts the Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo. Hour, minute, second, date, week. Five different location tests confirm its accuracy. More than 38 hours power reserve.
316L stainless steel, composed of two parts, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, spiral head and bottom cover, back engraved with embossed Roman Colosseum pattern and limited product number 100 meters waterproof
Stainless steel 316L strap with stainless steel folding clasp.
Anthracite-gray satin-finished dial with sunlight rays, unique scales and logo decoration. The orange scale is treated with Super‑LumiNova, with elaborately colored Roman numerals, and the date and day window are at three o’clock.
The diamonds are polished with orange pointers and treated with Super‑LumiNova, ensuring clear readings at night.

Germany-class German Watchmaking Brand Lange Classic Crafts Shine Jingcheng

A. Lange & Söhne, an international palace-level German watch brand with a history of 164 years, in order to further share Lange’s honorable production with Chinese watch fans who love watches, especially in 2009 From November 1st to 15th, the ‘Langor Watches Shine in Beijing’ exhibition was held on the first floor of the flagship store of Sambo Beijing Wangfujing. Watch models, driving an unprecedented wave of watch appreciation. In order to be grand, Mr. Arnd Einhorn, the brand’s director of media and public relations, specially brought the brand’s most eye-catching new product of the year and the world’s first manually wound watch with the time-hopping function Lange Zeitwerk. Mr. Huang Yingfei, the managing director of Lange Asia Pacific, set up a special press conference on November 6 to introduce his special watches to media friends.
     On November 7, the Lange brand also hosted a dinner with Lange Watches at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Beijing together with Sambo Watch Beijing Wangfujing flagship store. Sambo watches specially invited more than 20 VIPs from Lange Watches to attend the banquet. As the only high-end watch franchise store in Beijing that sells Lange brands, many distinguished guests of Sambo watches have a special interest in Lange’s expression.

Which Longines Or Omega Is Better? Longines Or Omega?

Brand introduction
Longines watches
  The Swiss Auguste Agassi started the watch business in Saint-Imier in 1832. Later his nephew Ernest Francillon continued to expand his business and opened a watchmaking workshop in Les Longines, Switzerland in 1866. In 1867 Francois registered the ‘Longines’ company, and the Longines brand was officially born. In the same year, the first Longines movement L20A was launched. From 1867, each Longines watch is engraved with the flying wing hourglass logo.
  In 1880, Longines officially became a registered trademark in Switzerland, and it is also one of the oldest trademarks in the Swiss watchmaking industry. In 1885, Longines won its first prize at the Antwerp International Exhibition. Since then Longines has won a series of international awards, including a record of 10 Greenwich Awards.
  In the 20th century, watches gradually replaced pocket watches. Longines produced the first mechanical watch in 1905, and in 1912 launched a square watch with an innovative spirit, introducing elegant geometric design into the watchmaking industry. At the Swiss Federal Games in Basel in 1912, Longines became the first watchmaker in the world to launch a fully automatic timepiece.
  In the 1920’s, Longines’ design and manufacture of clocks and watches were handy. Its new art deco style was well received by the market, and Longines with its geometric design concept became a name for elegance. In 1927, the pilot Charles Limbaugh set the record for the uninterrupted transatlantic flight from New York to Paris. The timepiece he chose was Longines. Later, Lin Bai specially designed a timer for Longines, which is the prototype of Longines navigation watches. By the 1930s, Longines had become a must-have for some famous explorers.
  Longines’ 30 millionth watch was born on February 19, 2001. In 1994, Longines re-entered the Chinese market after nearly half a century. By 2003, the sales of Longines watches in the Chinese market were already the largest in the world, surpassing the sales of Longines watches in Italy and Japan.
  Longines is a company founded by Ernest Francillin in Saint-Emil, Switzerland. Its origins can be traced back to the 1830s. Longines also owns the oldest registered trademark (a winged hourglass). Longines now belongs to the Swiss Swatch Group.
  Longines is famous for its ‘Flying Home’ watch. After a successful Atlantic Rim flight, Charles Lindenberger designed a watch to help air navigation. Longines was originally used for his special purpose flying.
Omega Watches
  In 1848, the Swiss Confederation was born, with Louis Brandt and La Chardeffin
(Chaux-de-Fonds) began the watch assembly work. In 1880, Louis Brand’s sons Louis-Paul and Csar relocated the plant to the Bienne region, which is abundant in human resources, rich in resources and convenient in transportation. Since then, mechanized production, unified specifications of parts, and the introduction of a new division of labor system for assembly work, to make precise and accurate, high quality and reasonable price models. After the world-famous Omega 19 movement was launched in 1894, it not only became a symbol of excellence, the company was therefore named ‘Omega’. Since then, Omega has been a pioneer in the watchmaking industry for more than 150 years with its advanced watchmaking technology.
  For over 150 years, Omega has steadily occupied the vanguard position in the world’s watchmaking industry and has laid down remarkable achievements.
  In space, the Speedmaster Professional series is not only the only watch worn on the moon, but also helped rescue the Astronaut of the Sun God 13 and won the Snoopy Award from the Space Agency.
  1900 Paris World Expo. Under the Eiffel Tower, the Omega style series has won the highest honor awarded by the international jury for its outstanding performance, the famous Greek temple (Greek
Temple) is one of them.
In terms of sports, Omega is the designated timing device for the Olympic Games (including extremely accurate swimming and competitions) and the Auto Racing Team System Championship (CART) held in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan.
  In terms of technology and design, Omega not only has countless accurate records, but also has excellent design. It has pioneered a number of technologies, such as manufacturing the world’s first center tourbillon watch.
  In the world of Omega, only high-quality watches can be displayed in high-end windows in more than 130 countries. Celebrities are most proud of this watch, American supermodels Cindy Crawford, 007 Pierce Bruce South (Pierce
Brosnan), car king Michael Schumacher and Swiss tennis princess Martina Hingis
Hingis) chose to wear Omega.
Which of Longines and Omega is good, netizens comment
  Comment 1: Longines and Omega are not of the same grade at all. In terms of collection value, Omega is definitely one level higher than Longines, and its ability to maintain and increase value is even better. Longines have a lot of styles, suitable for young white-collar workers to wear, Omega’s novel style, exquisite workmanship, both have their own characteristics. But when it comes to value, it must be much higher. The price positioning of Longines is at the price of 5,000-15,000 yuan, while the price positioning of Omega is at the price of 10,000-100,000 yuan.
  Comment 2: Omega’s grade is higher than Longines. Its self-produced movement and polishing level are also higher than Longines. The range of choice is also larger. Personally, Omega is more attractive. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended Europe.
  Comment 3: You are too professional and you may not understand … In short, no matter the material brand movement added value … Longines can not compete with Omega … Since you have the ability to buy Omega, it must be on Omega … At this level of Longines, almost no one abroad will choose Longines .. Tudor TAG Heuer Emmys Bachelor Montblanc is on Longines … If you are interested, you can see … As for your budget to buy Omega, it is not bad … .However, about 20,000 Amy Heuer Breitling is also very good … but I feel that since I want to choose a watch of this class of Omega, young people with IWC and Rolex can only be considered as tasteful Omega. Well … including Hublot Jakarta Athens are also very good, but these are to increase the budget … more than 20,000 can’t buy
  Comment 4: Omega is a world-renowned brand, and Longines watches are not bad. They are all from Switzerland. From the perspective of cost performance, the cost performance of the Omega brand is better. Omega has a lot of series that are very popular with friends. If you want to say which brand buys more, Longines watches will be better than Omega. Many people now wear watches. The brand is not Omega or Longines. If you want to buy some good watches, you can consider Longines watches. I hope my answer can help you!
  Comment five: Omega is a second-class first-level watch, Longines is a second-class second-level watch. Omega watches start at around 20,000. Longines starts at around 7,000 yuan. Not a level. Longines is definitely selling more than Omega in China.
  Comment 6: Omega and Longines watches are produced by a group in Switzerland, but the performance of Omega watches is much better than Longines. In terms of scarcity, Omega belongs to each series and will not be produced after a certain amount is produced, so the value retention is better. In terms of appearance and price, Longines watches are the best-selling series in recent years. Both brands are good, but there are still many people buying Longines! Hope the answer I gave will help you a little! Thank you!
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The Symbol Of Perfection—the Twelve Rules Of The ‘geneva Mark’

The so-called Geneva Seal or Poinçon de Genève, in today’s marketing terms, can be said to be a quality assurance mark like ‘AMG nameplate’ or ‘Hand Made’. In that year, the watchmaking industry in Geneva in order to protect the watches and clocks produced in the Geneva area, to avoid watches made in other places or countries, and sold them with inferior products engraved with the name ‘Made in Geneva’, so in 1886 The Geneva Watch Association has established the “Geneva Law” (Ecole d’Horologerie et d’Electronique et d’informatique Section Poinçon de Genève rte du Pont-Butin 43 1213 Petit-Lancy Geneva Switzerland). After verification, the Geneva badge of the ‘Eagle and Key’ shield can be engraved on the movement’s splint. At present, there are twelve ‘Geneva Laws’, which have been revised many times so far to match the changing times.

Last year coincided with the 125th anniversary of its birth, the ‘Mark of Geneva’ has further improved its standards in response to the rapid development of watchmaking technology and the continuous innovation of materials. Since 2012, the ‘Geneva Mark’ is no longer only applicable to the movement, but also to the certification of the entire watch. The production of watch components, the watch production process and the inspection of finished watches will also form a systematic requirement. The standards are more stringent and must be performed by an independent agency in Geneva. After the movement has passed the test of the ‘Geneva Mark’ standard and obtained official certification, the authorities will still conduct regular surprise inspections of the company to ensure that the entire production process meets the requirements. The inspection will specifically check whether the assembly, adjustment and casing of the watch is actually carried out in Geneva, and also evaluate the quality of the production parts and assembly movement.

In addition to the movement, the new standard will be applied to the entire watch, so the case will be printed with the ‘Geneva mark’. The outer layer of the watch must also be inspected, especially for the components that connect the movement and the case, that is, the casing ring, plywood, tie rods and set screws, etc. to ensure that all parts must conform to the production process, and the finished product can be engraved with ‘Geneva Imprint ‘. But no matter how the standard changes, those twelve firm rules will never change. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1. The edges of all steel parts must be chamfered, sanded, and polished to make it as bright as a mirror. The edges and notches of all screw caps must be chamfered and polished. The screws must be polished flat or spherical.
2. The central hole of the ruby ​​must have an oil storage groove in the bell mouth, and be highly polished to prevent the oil from diffusing and losing, and the outer periphery of the ruby ​​must be concave and polished.

3. The balance head on the balance wheel must be fixed with a single head with a round neck, which can be freely slidable with a movable metal pressure plate, or an adjustable support screw is acceptable.
4. The fast and slow needles must be fixed and can be fine-tuned.

5. Mechanisms and parts such as pendulum splint, adjusting isochronous structure, fast and slow needles must meet the requirements of Rule 1.

6. The edges of the gear drive rings of all gear trains and their supporting beams must be chamfered, and the joints with the small teeth must be polished.

7. The steel tooth lobes of all gear trains, their cross sections, the ends of all axles, and their posts must be mirror polished.

8. The part where the escapement wheel locks the ruby ​​of the pallet fork must be polished, and the tip of the ruby ​​that pushes the pallet fork must be polished.

9. The positioning mechanism to stop the pallet fork must be restricted by the fixed splint.
10. All movements must be equipped with anti-vibration devices.

11. The ratchet and crown wheels of the above system structure must be made in accordance with the special regulations of the registered model, and the engagement between the small steel wheel and the large steel wheel must be polished.

12. Do not use springs bent by wire. The springs used for its parts must be cut and carved from the entire steel plate, polished and polished to make parts with elasticity and beautiful lines.
There are five guarantees for currently certified watches:

First, the exclusive guarantee, Switzerland produces 20 million watches every year, only 24,000 will only pass the ‘Geneva mark’ certification.

Second, performance guarantee. Each watch is individually inspected to ensure that its functionality, water resistance and accuracy meet certification standards.

Third, the guarantee of origin, the mechanical movement of watches certified by the ‘Geneva Seal’ must be manufactured, assembled and adjusted in the Canton of Geneva.

Fourth, the process guarantees that every part of the movement is manually polished and decorated by people, adhering to the traditional watchmaking process of Geneva.

Fifth: durability guarantee. After careful polishing, each part of the movement is extremely smooth, thus reducing friction and ensuring the durability of the watch.

Although this mark is strongly criticized for its regional exclusivity, most experts believe that this is the rigorous specification that can ensure that every watch is made with the best craftsmanship, technology and materials!